26.2 with Donna (Marathon), Jacksonville, FL

In less than a week I should have my new website up and running! I just wanted to post the link to the YouTube video from when I reached the halfway point on the trail! Please feel free to share it.



Amplexus Halfway Video



Also, I will be running a MARATHON on February 12, 2012 in Jacksonville, Florida! I want the physical and mental challenge that this will bring and I also am grateful to be able to support a good cause for breast cancer research.


The marathon is called 26.2 with Donna and the URL is:


If you would like to help me cover my expenses, here are a couple areas where you could support me:


Entry Fee: $135.00

Gas: $135.00 (based on my vehicle's mpg and the distance)

Food: $40.00

Lodging: Unknown

Pain medication for when I get done: PRICELESS


Please feel free to send me an e-mail if you would like to work something out. I would be extremely thankful for your support. I have paid the $135 entry fee because I want to support this cause whether my expenses are offset or not, but if you want to run this race vicariously through me, a financial contribution is one way to do that in addition to giving me added confidence and encouragement to finish.


I plan to upload pictures to my website after the event is over, so please check back in to see how things go! Anyone is welcome to come down and cheer me on!


I have also downloaded the Nike+ GPS app on my iPhone and plan to listen to music while I run the marathon. Provided I will be able to run with my phone, anyone who is friends with me on facebook will be able to "like" my status once I begin my run. Every time someone "likes" the status, I will get a small cheer in my headset that will let me know people are encouraging me from all over facebookland!


Finally, I appreciate all of the positive feedback I have received from my halfway video and I am working diligently on preparing an entertaining DVD from my thru-hike, so please keep in touch and contact me once I have posted that I have finished the project!


I wonder how many bearded marathoners there are out there?


To God be the glory,


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Post Trail Follow-up!


I wanted to let everyone know what has been going on since I finished the trail on 11.20.2011.

First, here are a few photos from the end...

My last entry...

 Props to my brother Micah for taking these photos for me! Thanks Micah!

For those who are interested, I am working on a DVD with pictures, videos, commentary, and general nonsense for anyone who would like to have one to "live" my trip even more! I am not going to be selling them, but if you need me to ship one to you, I would appreciate it if you could help me cover shipping expenses. I would welcome any donations as well as I will be investing a lot of time and some money into the DVDs.


I will be revamping my blog and formatting it into a full website where you would actually be able to "donate" for the DVD via the site as well as contact me through e-mail and keep up with me as I progress through life and... who knows, maybe even to another trail! :-) PCT? CDT? Teaser?


Well, I rode my motorcycle the following day after I returned. I actually screamed for the first 5 minutes and nearly lost my voice. It was incredible. I also played drums in the same day and I thought I was going to explode because of the happiness that had welled up inside of me!


Thankfully, I have been able to find a few small jobs to help me bring in a little income while I try to take care of about 3,000 tasks from my tasklist. I have attended a few Christmas parties, one of which I donned a green santa sweater, red suspenders a red beanie, and... you guessed it, my red hiking shorts. I CAN'T HELP IT! They practically became part of my being! I have restrained myself, but the opportunity presented itself. I will say that I think I met every single person at that party (40+ people) and awesomely enough... NO ONE else got the memo about the tacky christmas apparel. I have no shame.


I went deer hunting for the second time in my life and killed TWO deer that evening! I also went grouse hunting with my grandfather. I am thoroughly enjoying all of these other activities, but I will admit that I have definitely experienced a type of post-hiking depression at times. I didn't think that I would experience this, but I moved my bag the other day and got a whiff of it and had a flood of emotions and thoughts. It was intense. I miss backpacking, but I also know that I am needed IN society to make an impact on people. It is difficult to do that if I am always walking in the woods.


On the contrary, I feel that there are people in the woods that I can also interact with. I do plan to hike more and hopefully I can begin planning something for the future once I get my life straightened out and organize my direction a little more! I will make a shameless shout out to my friend Lloyd Langhammer that eventually I will need to experience the thrill of the hike in NV! It's never to early to plan!

I have gotten used to changing clothes (almost daily) and wearing "normal" attire. Here, I am sporting my typical musician attire while posing with an orange. I am considering going into the fruit modeling business...


Please keep in touch and check up with me. I will not be offended if you never read my blog again, but I will be offended if you tell me I am a loser and then never read my blog again, so please hold all negative feedback to yourself. haha.


I hope that you will all continue to follow my sporadic posting and contact me periodically to see how things are going. I want to sincerely thank everyone that has read my blog and let you know that your support has been very encouraging. I appreciate your interest in the blessing that I call my life.





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Sunday (11/6) - Cherokee, NC (1976.3)

Only two more weeks!

I came out of the woods on Friday night and stayed in the camper with my dad in Cherokee until this morning. As strange as this sounds, I am actually killing a little time before I return so that it would be a more convenient time for people to meet me at the end. I have a very moderate schedule to get me in by the 20th, and am looking forward to the next two weeks!

Not much has happened since I blogged last, but here's a little insight into my last few days.

I did a short day out of Hot Springs, NC and turned in somewhat early. The next day I went 23.0 and crossed over Max Patch. It was a nice little knoll, with a 360 view that reminded me of one of those photoshopped photos on an air matress box in Walmart with two people sitting on an air matress in front of the tent with an epic landscape in the background. It was a beautiful day when I crossed over.

Beautiful day.jpg

The next day I did 17.6 to Cosby Knob Shelter and found myself walking in the rain for the last couple hours. I was up at 4,791 ft elevation, so the rain turned to snow during the night and I spent my last day walking out in more snow! I did 23.3 to Newfound Gap where dad met me.

It is difficult to walk in slush and snow, but there are some pros to this kind of trekking. I got to see all types of wildlife tracks that I never knew would have been crossing before me.

I saw coyote, fox, wild turkey, deer, grouse, grey squirrel and mouse tracks! Here are a couple pictures.


Here are a couple photo's that I was not able to attach to my last blog post.

Meet some of my thru-hiking companions.

Pancho, Nachita, Sage and Meander

Hike Companions 2.jpg

Witicism, Avalanche, Amplexus and Meander

Witicism with a rusty saw blade in his mouth (that was found at the shelter...) (why not?)

Ayla! Who decided to push on from Hot Springs after nearly going home to the real world!

So Way in his "I'm cold and I also don't want to get shot by a hunter" gear. Also, note that he is carrying two wiffle ball bats and a newly acquired pink children's sleeping bag that has fairy wings on the small backpack. There is no rhyme or reason to what we carry at times.

We stayed at Bob Peoples' Hostel (Kincora) and I snagged a photo. They say that when Bob Peoples builds a switchback, an angel gets its wings. I've also heard that when Bob Peoples sleeps in a shelter the mice bring HIM food. Many people live by 5 simple letters... WWBPD. At least that is what I have heard of Bob Peoples.

This is what you look like when you reach a state that borders Georgia...


This is what it looks like when a grown man wears footie pajamas (because they are warm, dangit). (I made sure to leave my chest exposed for effect)

Trail humor is subtle and funny. I couldn't help but take a photo of probably one of the least photographed attractions on the trail. The privy.

The Nestle sticker reads. "making warm, chocolatey memories" Hah. Who is carrying that wrapper and the TAPE to put it on! I love it.

Well, dad and I at a huge dinner last night, a good breakfast this morning and now he has grilled up some hotdogs (that I fully intend to pack out with me). We are headed back to the trail! I may be able to blog once more, but consider this my last time blogging from the AT!

For those who missed the last blog, if you would like to be at the end when I finish, please meet at Amicalola Falls State Park on Sunday November 20th BEFORE 3:00pm, but maybe no earlier that 2:00, because I will be timing my decent from Springer to the visitor center. When you arrive, the best place to go would be the visitor center. If others are waiting in a different location, the center should be able to direct you where to go (i.e. a pavilion or the lodge lobby). You could also trying shouting "I'm here to greet Amplexus! Is anyone else?" and see who waves to you. Or, if you really want to be on the safe side, you could come with a t-shirt that has my face on it with the words "I love Amplexus" and people will know why you are there.

Also, real beards, fake beards or mustaches are encouraged.

Thank you to everyone who has kept up with my journey and I hope you have enjoyed my infrequent blog postings! I tried! I may sporadically blog in the future and will very likely be drastically changing the format of my website, so please feel free to keep up with me via Who knows. I might end up hiking the PCT or CDT before too long!

I look forward to seeing everyone soon. Time to hike!

Amplexus "Lexus" SOBO 2011

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Tuesday (11/1) - Hot Springs, NC (1909.6)

I have determined the date that I will be arriving at Springer Mountain!

For anyone who would like to attend, please meet at the Amicalola Falls State Park Visitor Center on Sunday November 20, 2011 at or BEFORE 3:00pm! I technically could push really hard and finish a few days before this date, but I have decided to take it easy in my final 3 weeks and accommodate those who are working and schooling.

I should be able to post one more time before this date, but please direct any questions to Terry Seehorn at 706.490.3758 or 706.490.3757 because I have very poor service.

If you felt inclined to bring a gift or wanted to do something nice for my deprived hiker self, here are a couple ideas (primarily so that everyone wont try to feed me and I gain 30lbs within the first month of returning...)

- Donate to my gym membership
- Help me buy some new tennis shoes (these will be worthless by the time I finish)
- If anyone has or knows anyone that has temporary work, hook me up!
- Take me to a movie, bowling, a concert, or anything that doesn't involve me walking 20 miles with a backpack.
- Non-perishable food items (only delicious ones) are welcome too... :-)
- Pay off both of my credit cards... hahahahahahahaha
- Give me a high five and a hug (and don't tell me I stink, because I know already)

So that's your heads up!

Here's what's been going on over the past several days. (Unfortunately, I can't upload photos from this library, so you must bear with my writing skills and your imagination)

After hanging out with my family, I did a short day to Kincora Hostel and saw Bob Peoples and met my other hiker friends. (they were a day ahead of me, having slack packed back into the hostel for the night).

After Kincora, I hiked 25 to the Apple House Shelter and met a man named "Trail Hopper." He is a 63 year old man from Boone North Carolina. It is possible that he lives in the shelters for more of the year than he lives in town...

We had a few interesting conversations, but here are a few of the things that he said to me... (transcribed as phonetically as possible). He asked me, "Ye gotchy a peeler?" "huh?" I respond. Then confused at why he was asking me this strange question, I deduce that he is asking me if I have a pillow. "Oh, yeah, I have one." Random?

When I first arrived he said "Yone far?" My first response was to say "Yes, I walked 25 miles today, I'm hiking the whole trail." But that was not the right response. He was asking me "Do you want a fire?" Simple phrase, but confusing when you first walk in.

This last one was a doozey. When describing the Roan High Knob Shelter and fidgeting with his stove while I was standing nearby. This is what I heard. (speak in a deep accent for effect) "Arzy a weiner a bar ching open..." Honestly, he lost me at weiner. I stood there staring, frantically trying to figure out what he was trying to tell me. I wasn't able to figure it out immediately so I gave one of those "oh yeah, uh huh." responses. With the pressure off, my mind cleared and I realized that this was what he was trying to tell me. "There's you a window up there that you can open..." WHOA. That's a thick accent. I repeated this phrase to myself almost hourly for the rest of that day. Fun times!

That afternoon I was thinking about how hungry I was and how my food was insufficient to carry me all the way to Thursday of that week. So when I got to the top of Hump Mountain, what did I find? Practically nothing. It is a bald. There is grass. But there was a small fire pit. Next to a rock in that pit was a half empty jar of peanut butter! Whoa! I opened it up and found out that there were pieces of chocolate and raisins in there too!...Sooooo, I ate it. I mean, come on. How coincidental is it that I find a jar of peanut butter at the top of a mountain when all I have been thinking about was food! I HAD to eat it.

Weeeeelllll, lets just say that my brain was happy but my insides protested by liquifying and making me stop 4 times in the course of the next day! Hah FAIL. Moral of the story. Don't eat peanut butter from the trail!

A few days later I was fortunate to have my friend Brittani Stanga come visit me and pick me up after a 28 mile day! She graciously slack-packed me for 4 days and hung out with me and several other hiker friends! She was definitely a trail angel for driving us around and getting us to and from the trail heads. It is completely possible to fit 7 hikers into a Mustang in case you were wondering.

We all stayed at a wonderful place (right off the trail) called the Hemlock Hollow Farm in TN. I have hiked through snow at least 3 days in the past week and a half, so that tells you how cold it has been recently. Thankfully it hasn't been an overwhelming amount of snow, but none-the-less, snow is hard to walk in either way.

As far as wildlife goes, I have seen a Virginia Opossum, but that is the only new creature to make it onto my species list. I thought I had seen a Great Horned Owl only to find out that it was one of those bobble-head scarecrow owls and it was placed in a tree near a bird research operation at the top of Bald Mountain. Dang! It was foggy and completely perfect, but as I looked longer I could see the head going like one of those toys you put on the dash of your car.

I managed to slack pack 16.7 miles in 4 hours and 6 minutes yesterday. I was moving! That's averaging more than a 4mph pace for 4 straight hours! I don't do that often.

Today I am leaving out of Hot Springs. It is beautiful weather and I am really thankful! Sorry that I don't have any photos in this blog, but hopefully your imagination and my stories sufficed for now!

Spread the word to anyone who you think might like to come on the 20th! All are welcome.

**For those who have emailed me, please bear with me! I appreaciate your emails and I am not intentionally delaying a response, but I have had nearly no service over the last couple weeks.

Back to the trail!
Amplexus "Lexus" SOBO 2011

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Sunday (10/23) - Lenoir, NC (1758.3)

I'm still trucking!


I apologize to everyone who has been trying to keep up with me, but I have been hiking pretty consistently and not taking many zero days (thus, no time to blog). I have finally taken a break and gotten the time to let everyone know that I am still on the trail and still growing my beard!


I will not be giving you a play-by-play of the last month, but I will inundate you with photos and a few stories since I am on my OWN computer and can easily upload things.


These have been my hiking days since we spoke last!

27.0, 31.9, 19.0, 14.5, 23.7, 18.6, 9.3, 15.5, 20.2, 26.0, 21.5, 10.3, 20.6, 19.2, 23.6, 18.4, 17.7, 20.0, 17.3, 15.5, 0, 18.8, 23.2, 0.


So here is what a typical "resupply" looks like for me!

and again...

These are some of the places that I have stayed...

The Wood's Hole Hostel in Pearisburg, VA

Wood's Hole.jpg

 A random shelter and how I normally set up...

Shelter Bed.jpg

 This is another shelter where it was freezing cold (right after it flurried a few days ago) so we put two tent flies up to block the wind.


These are some of the awesome things that I have seen along the way! The foliage has been great. I have not come across any new wildlife, but surely something new will pop up soon!






Red Oak



Here are some views from the trail and of some of the views I have gotten...


McAfee Knob

The Keffer Oak (2nd largest on the trail at 18' diameter and over 300 years old).

Standing at big tree.jpg

Shots from the trail...


The "fatman squeeze"

The "Guillotine" (for some reason this photo won't turn...) tilt your head to the right...


 The longest footbridge...

My friend Charlie Plush made a statement that got me thinking... He said "I expect to see more sasquatch sightings when you reach North Carolina."


So I have decided to dedicate a section of this blog to elucidating the differences between a thru-hiker and sasquatch for all of the residents of North Carolina.


 1. Notice the dumb expression on both of their faces

2. Notice the extremely hairy facial regions

3. Both live in the woods and eat an enormous amount of food

4. Sasquatch typically smells much cleaner

5. Both appear unnaturally tall at times (see Wednesday (9/23) post)


Please be aware that there are dirty smell thru-hikers lurking in the woods and do not confuse them with Sasquatch. If encountered, please don't be alarmed.


These are some of my thru-hiker friends

 Just the Tip, Witicism, Turdurkin, Many Waters, So Way, Avalanche and your beloved Amplexus


Well, I am headed back out to the trail. I am planning to be in Hot Springs, NC by next weekend. If you would like to send a care package, monetary support, or something witty, please feel free to do so.


** Special note to Austin Sisk... I love you, but if you don't send me that mustache wax that I have been looking forward to for TWO mail drops now, I am going to slap you with my beard.


Josh Seehorn

C/O General Delivery

Hot Springs, NC 28743

Please hold for AT Hiker

ETA: 10/31/2011


I am not sure when I will be blogging again, but I only have about 4-5 weeks left on the trail! Only 422.7 miles left as of this blog!!!!


I will be having a family member posting updates on my arrival at Springer Mountain for anyone who would be interested in coming to see me on my summit day!


Thank you for all of your support and I will post again as soon as possible!


So glad to have my cold weather gear now,


Amplexus "Lexus" SOBO 2011



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Wednesday (9/28) - Waynesboro, Virginia (1327.0)

I'm through the Shenandoah National Park! I am currently sitting in the library and only have 30 minutes to compose, proof and publish this blog! So bear with me...

I have enjoyed seeing new things and seeing some friends from my near and distant past since the last time I blogged. I was able to meet up with MystiGlogau (formerly Rockwell), Elizabeth Stevens and Lauren Wilson while I was in the SNP.

Thank you so much for meeting up with me and for treating me well! I appreciate the support I have received from each of you financially and emotionally!

While I was in the SNP I saw a total of 10 black bears, about 20 white-tailed deer (with one impressive 10 point buck) and a new species!

The Pileated Woodpecker

Despite multiple rainy days, I was able to make some pretty good mileage after spending a few "half" days meeting up with the aforementioned friends. This is what my pace was like since my last posting.

11.2, 10.5, 17.5, 34.8, 21.4, and 20.0! On my 34+ mile day I hiked for a total of 12:10 hours with 10:50 actual walking hours. Fun times!

It was an interesting experience in the SNP because there were constantly people walking on the trail. I also enjoyed stopping by the "waysides" which are essentially over-priced gas stations. I wont lie though, it was nice to be able to get a cold soda and a treat! I would do it again!

For most of my trip I was literally walking in a cloud. It was not technically raining all the time, but rather was dripping from simply being saturated within the cloud. My feet and clothing were not enjoying the constant state of WET.

Here is one view on one of the beautiful days that I got!

I am shooting to be in Daleville, VA by Tuesday at the earliest, but Wednesday at the latest, so please refer to my previous blog post if you would like to quickly mail something to me! I like surprises!

After my 20 miles day yesterday, I got into town around 7:15, took a much needed shower at the YMCA, then literally ran to the Chinese Buffet by about 8:20 in order to scarf down 2 full plates of food, 4 sodas and 2 cups of ice cream before they closed at 9:00! I had been hearing about this Chinese Buffet from all the NOBO's and was not about to miss my opportunity to eat there! It was delicious.

I will head out tomorrow morning in order to try to get about 27 miles in. I look forward to getting closer and closer to home and I am SO THANKFUL to be in the south again!

I have also officially reached 190lbs!


I have not weighed this much since high school! Just think, it only took 1,327 miles carrying a 35+ pound pack through 10+ states to get me to this point, I don't see why I didn't shed these pounds faster before?! Hah.

I look forward to blogging again soon!

Thanks for reading,
Josh Seehorn
Amplexus "Lexus" SOBO 2011

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Thursday (9/22) - High View, West Virginia (1211.6)

Alas, another blog post!

Here has been my progress since Duncannon, PA. I walked 26.0, 11.6, 11.6, 13.6, 20.4, 18.1, 23.5, 19.9, 9.8 and 15.3. I have been able to get some better and more consistent mileage over the past several days, so that has been nice.

These are some of the animals I have seen!


American beaver

American black bear!

In case you were unaware...

I tried walking in my boots again, but my left ankle was annoying me, so I switched back into my sandals. They have rubbed new blisters on my feet, but what are a few more blisters, you know?! I have bumped my boots ahead of me in case I need them, but I had my lovely sister send my tennis shoes (so I can run now! hah)

I found some trail magic on my 26 mile day! I don't drink much of this stuff, but I wont turn it down!

On a more sad note... I was disappointed to find out that the Pine Grove Furnace General Store is recently only open on Friday-Sunday with limited hours! Which means, I was not even given the opportunity to try my luck with the "half-gallon challenge" in which, one attempts to eat a half gallon of ice cream. I absolutely could have done it, but it is not worth the pain if I can't get my name in the book and get a stupid little spoon from it! Oh well. GALLON CHALLENGE at 2181.0!! I'm kidding. That would be horrid.

Friends... you will be happy to hear that I have officially made it past the half way point!! I spent over 2 hours filming segments for my epic half way music video to Bon Jovi's "Living on a prayer." so please take a moment to enjoy the small guitar solo clip with my flying-V guitar with custom tree branch whammy bar... you can find the video on my facebook page. I am having trouble uploading the original.

After a couple fairly chilly days, my friend So Way and I made it to the PA-MD border and spent the night at the Lowe's Shelter...


Excellent lodging at an affordable price! Imagine, you could own one of these bad boys for only $899!

The next morning we crossed over the Mason-Dixon line into the SOUTH! In honor of this event, I am going to write the next paragraph in a southern drawl... (please read in your best voice)


Y'all ain't never seen me be so excited to cross over that line. I's figurin' there wern'tgonna be no sign, but dag-burn it, nare she was! Purty as the day is long! Y'all don't know what's a comin' once I get on down in Virginia. This calendar stuffs dun got outta hand! Here's sum photos thatchy might be seein' in my sexyhikerman calendar...





I got to see the first ever monument built to honor George Washington. The museum down the hill from the monument was cool too! There were several civil war era guns and items in there!

Washington Monument.jpg
Washington Monument 1.jpg

The hiking through Maryland and West Virginia was very nice and not challenging. Once we got into Harpers Ferry, I decided to treat myself to an ice cream since the store was conveniently 20 ft off the trail...

Josh Ice Cream.jpg

I made it into the Appalachian Trail Conservancy Headquarters and got my photo taken and officially became the 47th Southbounder this year! I believe I am about mid-pack.

Photo of Photo.jpg

After leaving the ATC, I walked 19.9 miles to Bears Den Hostel and it was a great place! I ate a pizza, 4 sodas, a pint of ice cream and 5 cookies! I got a shower and a nice bed all for $27.50+tax! I would recommend visiting the area and staying there sometime.

I am now in Virginia, about to start hiking in the Shenandoah National Park! I have less than 1,000 miles left in my trip! It goes by slow and fast!

1000 Weeping Joy.jpg

I want to thank Mysti and Adam Glogau for picking me up from Front Royal and taking me home to blog from their sweet computer setup! They have fed me and treated me well! I am very appreciative of their help!

If anyone would like to send a care package, letter, gift card, or mustache wax, please send it to:

Josh Seehorn
C/O General Delivery
Daleville, VA 24083
Please hold for AT hiker
ETA October 6, 2011

I am completely guessing as to when I will roll through there, so the sooner you can mail something, the safer. I have 249.6 miles to go as of this posting. Thank you so much if you send something!

Lastly, BEARD.


Josh Seehorn
Amplexus "Lexus" SOBO 2011

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Sunday (9/11) - Duncannon, Pennsylvania (1042.5)

Ok, ok, ok...

So here come the excuses/explanations! I know it has been 19 days since my last post, but there have been some impediments to my posting. I have experienced an earthquake, hurricane, and severe flooding in the last couple weeks! Every time I would have posted, there was either no internet access or no power. Alas, I have finally found the time and the necessary equipment for a post!

Pennsylvania has been an interesting state. 95% of hikers complain about how rocky PA is, but I have not found it beneficial to complain while on the trail, so I will praise the rocks of PA! I love these ankle-breaking feet massagers!

One of my favorite days in PA so far was coming through the Superfund site on my way into Lehigh Gap. I got to see a good diversity of ecosystems during that one day. It was nice to walk through grasslands, forest and rock habitats that were so drastically different. Even the types of trees were unique to each ecosystem.

This was the first time I recall seeing Pitch Pine (Pinusrigida)

After a few days of hiking, Austin picked me up and took me into Philadelphia to hang out as well as weather Hurricane Irene. While I was at the Sisk household, Brittany gave me my awesome lightening bolt hair cut!

The night of the hurricane, Austin and I went for about a 45 minute joy run in the rain near his house. I seem to recall spinning in circles shouting "I'm a tornado in a hurriquake" until I couldn't stand anymore and fell into the water. It was a unique experience to say the least. You should try it sometime.

The next day we went into Philly and went to a coffee shop

ate cheesesteaks

Famous Steves.jpg

saw Ben franklin's grave

saw the liberty bell

and planked in front of Independence Hall!

I was wearing Austin's skinny jeans and his super deep v-neck shirt, so I decided to take several "hipster" photos on random things around Philly...

We also ate at a place called Franklin Fountain where I ate my new favorite ice cream! Rum Raisin. If you have not had it, you should go find some to try!

My friend Patrice picked me up again and I hung out with her for a few more days in NJ. I had gotten sick from sitting out in the cold talking with Austin until 4:00am, so I decided to recover before I got back on the trail. I am thankful for her hospitality and friendship! Shout out to Storm!

I was finally able to replace/invest in more gear while in Philly. I replaced my old backpack (65L Large) with a newer one (50L Medium) so now it fits like a charm and I am much more comfortable.

I also replaced my boots! HALLELUJAH!

*** If you would like to contribute to my trip and help me stomach these expenses, I would appreciate any help! Thank you to everyone who has contributed so far. You have blessed me in so may ways!

Please send your support to my parents at:
Terry Seehorn
Josh Seehorn
268 Rothell Rd.
Toccoa, GA 30577

My boots cost $130, but I was able to get my backpack exchanged for no cost! Blessings!

A couple days later I saw a huge black rat snake, and saw my first Timber Rattlesnake on the trail!


Somehow I seemed to have bruised my left ankle and ended up hiking in my Teva sandals (and have been since 9/3!)

It was a great decision, because it allowed me to keep my boots dry through all the flooding and allowed my ankle to recover.

The last several hiking days have been constant rain. Here are a few pictures of the flooding as well as the place where I had to tent camp while I waited for the water to recede enough to cross safely!


Thug Plus Flood.jpg

I finally made it to Duncannon where Trailangelmary picked me up and brought me back to her apartment! She has been so gracious and hospitable and I sincerely appreciate her support of my trip! Thank you for letting me take a few hours to blog on your computer! You have helped me recover from being stuck in the woods!

To finish this blog, I want to show you some of the new species that I have seen!

Northern Ring-necked Snake

Eastern Box Turtle

Eastern Box Turtle.jpg

Timber Rattlesnake

Bobcat (I saw the bobcat up the road from my flood refuge spot on the wooden bridge!)

Whew! What a post! Sorry for the length, but read a little at a time if you can't make it all the way through in one sitting!

Thanks for reading and I really do appreciate all your support and prayers! I am almost to the technical half way point!!!

I love backpacking! I love the trail! I love this trip! God has blessed me with so much! I am very thankful for this opportunity.

Amplexus "Lexus" SOBO 2011

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Tuesday (8/23) - Kenilworth, New Jersey (895.3)

Big days and Zero days!

Today I will officially begin my trip into Pennsylvania! I have been taking a few days off before I trek across the rocks of PA that apparently every NOBO thru-hiker on the trail has complained about so far.

This is how I have travelled since I posted last.

4.9 , 17.0 , 6.6 , 12.4 , 19.6 , 24.4 , chill time!

I crossed into NJ on 8/16 and it was epic!

After my 17.0 mile day, I hitched into the town of Vernon where I stayed at St. Thomas Episcopal Church. They have a great hiker hostel located within their church with laundry facilities, shower, and pretty much anything a hiker could need! It was very relaxing.

While in Vernon, I ate at multiple fine dining establishments. For dinner, Burger King.For breakfast, Burger King. For lunch/dinner before I left town to hike... you guessed it. BURGER KING! Needless to say, I had it my way.

I also want to give a quick shout out to my new friend Nicole! Thanks for eating breakfast with me and for following my blog! Hooray for random encounters! hah

As I was walking around the Wallkill NWR I crossed paths with two women who looked vaguely familiar to me. I thought I knew who they were, but it wasn't until I reached the next shelter until I conformed who they were! CJ and Bard (now Mama Bear and Purple Blaze) were to women that I met in the Wilderness in Maine! I met them my first night in the wilderness and had not seen them since. Apparently they had gotten off the trail for a little while and were now headed NOBO! It was confusing, but cool to see someone I hadn't seen in 75 days.

The last two days of hiking were not very difficult, but were fairly long days! It appears that the terrain ahead will allow me to be a little more consistent in my hiking now. But I am definitely hiking my own hike!

I came off the trail for a few days with my friend "Storm" NOBO '09 and have been hanging out in Kenilwoth, NJ and down by the Jersey Shore! Thank you SO much for catering to this hiker trash and for being such a wonderful hostess and friend! Thank you Bonita for allowing me to be in your home as well!

I literally was the ONLY bearded man at the Jersey Shore.

I was also the only bearded man with tiny red shorts and a fanny pack. I would have never guessed.

Here are a couple random animals and things that I have seen recently...


Eastern Newt

Wolf Spider

Sulfer Shelf (Chicken Mushroom)

Snowy Egret

Painted Turtle

Northern Short-tailed Shrew

Wood Frog


I hope to be hanging out with Austin and Brittany in Philly in about 4 days, so perhaps I will get the time to update then too! Thank you all for reading and I will share again soon.



Josh Seehorn

Amplexus "Lexus" SOBO 2011


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Monday (8/15) - Tuxedo, New York (810.4)

Time flies like an arrow... Fruit flies like a banana. 

I find myself sitting in the home of a wonderful couple named John and Susan. They provide a cooler of water jugs for thru-hikers in addition to a business card with their numbers and words like "shower, great meal, and soft bed" on it. These magical words (in addition to walking 14.7 miles in the rain today) encouraged me to give them a call! I am so glad that I did! I enjoyed a delicious quesadilla meal, a hot shower, laundry, a soft bed and this great Mac computer from which I blog. 

Friends, allow me to not-so briefly recount the past several days for you. What an adventure! At least you only have to read something this long once a week! 


As many of you are aware, Austin (Issue) Sisk did a 63.9 mile section of the AT with me. We were able to walk in three states together from Great Barrington, MA to the CT/NY border. Austin did a great job and did some great miles with me! Our longest day together was 15.7 miles! He was able to pull off the thru hiker look and blended into the hiker trash community well. 

Issue and I made our way from the Fraser's home to Limestone Spring Shelter. There were several scouts down there, so we ended up having to tent camp. That was perfectly fine with us, because we were going to be enjoying brats and sodas that we had hiked in! Until we saw a sign that said "No Campfires"... WHAT?! You're kidding me. Brats over a propane stove? I think not... Well, we decided we would be devious and make ourselves a fire anyway... BUT of course! Who joins the party? An Appalachian Trail Ridge Runner (nark patrol). Fortunately for us, she was a kind understanding woman and she fibbed to the scouts and said she gave us permission to have a fire! HAH! Fantastic. 

As we settled down to sleep, we heard a terrifying screeching sound coming from the woods to our right. I decided to go out an investigate. Thankfully, I was not consumed by some man-eating beast-creature, but rather, was able to witness the creator of this terrifying squeal. It was a Barred Owl! I tried to get the best shot possible to put online, but it was great! It has to be about 15 feet from me. It was waving its head back and forth trying to see around my headlamp. A very cool experience. 

Austin by falls.jpg

On 8/6 we slept in the Pine Swamp Brook Shelter. On our way to this shelter, we passed a hydro-plant. There was a great water fall immediately before the plant and we got a couple nice photos there. It was at this power plant where I took my potential calendar shot for Connecticut. In another life, I was David Hasselhoff. 

The next day Issue got to experience his first "hitch" and we both proudly rode in the back of a pickup truck to the deli. It was at this deli where we spent about 3 hours sitting out at a picnic bench looking like hiker trash. Seriously. We were bums and it was great. After eating our share of deli delights, sodas and ice cream. We walked back to the trail (because we were not lucky enough to get a ride back to the trailhead) and made our way to Stewart Hollow Brook Shelter. We arrived around dark, but that did not stop us from swimming in the Housatonic River! It was a refreshing and cleansing feeling to get all that sweat off before going to sleep. 

Look at this enormous White Oak tree with my hat hanging on it! 

On our 15.7 mile trek to the Ten Mile River Shelter, I decided that I was too comfortable walking like a normal human being, so I decided that I would allow Satan to spawn minions on my inner thighs and make me walk like an ape for the last 5-6 miles of our trip. I literally maxed out at about 1mph because my legs were raw! I was nearly catatonic by the end of the day because I was in so much pain, but that didn't stop me from getting in the Ten Mile River! Whew what a relief. I am sad to report that apparently headlamps have a sweat-threshold and mine reached it. I believe that my headlamp no longer functions. Thankfully I have a great friend who has lent me his until I can either get mine working or get a new one! Thanks Issue! 

I would like to give a SHOUT OUT to Mrs. Brittany Sisk for being willing to pick us up from the side of the road, in an unfamiliar place, all the while enduring the wretched stench that came from the hairy men sitting in the back of the car. She even made us cupcakes with our names on them! Props to the folks and to Brittany for providing me with Snickers bars and Root Beers! I love you all! 

After my rendezvous at the chinese restaurant and grocery with the Sisk family, I was lovingly dropped off in the rain and walked another 2 miles to the Wiley Shelter. I stopped at the AT Railroad Station the next day... 


Josh Pointing.jpg

The next night I stayed at Fahnstock State Park. As I was coming into the parking area for the state park, I saw a police car. I thought to myself, what are the odds that the police officer in that car would take a scandalous photo of me hitch-hiking in front of his car?... I say 0.02%, but I'm going for it!! 

Needless to say, his response was "No, there's no way." Hah DANG! 

Soooooo, my second attempt was with a driver-less sheriff car at a gas station. Although it is not calendar quality, I was able to achieve the "thumbs out" shot while in the state of NY! 


It was at this "Appalachian Market" gas station that I ate a 12" Philly Cheese Steak, another 12" Hiker Deluxe Sub, and drank two 20oz sodas. Dear Rachel Skinner... I am eating like a HORSE! I burn too many calories in a day! 

On 8/13 I walked across the Hudson River and took several videos that will eventually be spliced together to form one super-mega walking video. Here is one of the shots of me walking back and forth on the Bear Mountain Bridge! I seriously did this about 6 times! It took forever! Fun times. 




I got to walk through the Bear Mountain Trailside Museum and through the Bear Mountain Recreation Area. It was a unique experience because I came through on a Saturday. There were SO many people! So many ethnicities! It was a good experience. 

Moutain Range.jpg

On my way up the mountain, I was stopped by 3 younger people who were needing hand sanitizer. One guy had cut his hand on a rock, so I pulled my pack off and obliged. Ever, Bonnie and Terrence were from NYC and we talked for at least 10 minutes. Hopefully they are reading this blog and are prepared to cook me dinner sometime when I get done! It was a pleasure meeting you guys! Glad you got out to hike! 

Finally, this brings us to today. A rainy, rainy day. I left out of the shelter this morning in the rain and ended the day in the rain. I walked 14.7 miles today and thankfully landed in this wonderful home. I will conclude this blog with a few more photos of animals that I have seen on the trail! 

Great Blue Heron

Eastern Wild Turkey

Eastern Wild Turkey.jpg

Northern Garter Snake

Northern Garter Snake.jpg

Black Rat Snake

Black rat Snake.jpg

Red-Shouldered Hawk

Grey Catbird

Barred Owl

Barred Owl.jpg

Here is a video of a young buck that I came upon! 


I will be crossing into New Jersey tomorrow! Please refer to my last blog post for the address if you would like to mail anything. I would recommend doing so quickly, because I will be in PA before you know it! 

Thank you so much for reading and I will continue to update as often as possible. 

Quickly falling asleep at 2:50am, 


Amplexus "Lexus" SOBO 2011

P.S. - I am beginning day 74 as of this posting!

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Friday (8/5) - Lakeville, Connecticut (688.8)

As I sit here and write this blog with some glasses that I found hainging in a tree on the trail, I think to myself...

Where did Massachusetts go?!

This is on Mt. Prospect in Mass.

It seems that I hiked fast enough to blaze through the state of Massachussetts before I could post again! These are the states and their respective mileages that I have completed so far as well as the current state that I am in.

ME - 281.4
NH - 161.0
VT - 149.8
MA - 90.4
CT - 51.4


I have crossed into Connecticut!

These are some of the new animals that I have seen on the trail (or in the ponds that I have swam/bathed in)! These are not my photos, but I figure I would give you a picture to reference these creatures with!


Belted Kingfisher

Eastern Towhee


I also saw some Mountain Laurel that reminded me of Georgia! It was nice to see some understory shrubs that remind me of home.

Since I posted last, these are my daily distances to get me where I am today: 10.7, 19.3, 14.4, 17.1, 20.6, 27.5, 22.3, 8.2, 11.0. I have covered some pleasant ground. The trail has taken me through fields with cows, corn fields, swamps, boardwalks, road walks and of course, very rocky mountains!

I have gotten a few great views recently. Mt. Greylock in Massachussets has a somewhat touristy, but very great monument at the summit that allows you to climb up to the top and look out 4 windows that direct you N, S, E, W. There are small plaques that describe what you are seeing on the horizon.

This next section is dedicated to my dear friend Josh Joslin. On 7/31, I was hiking with the PA Brothers (2 brothers from Pennsylvania, confusing I know), and we came into a town called Cheshire. As we were treating ourselves to some icecream, what do we see pull up? An attractive girl... belly button ring, cute, fit...


She went to town on that grass behind the ice cream shop! We didn't know what to do, so we just stared, awkwardly, until we finished our ice cream. What an interesting sight hahaha.

Shortly after we left, we were walking the paved road... and a girl trotted by on a horse... honestly, I started looking for the woman that was running the chainsaw. You could find a wife pretty easily that way.

I was blessed to have my parents stop by for a few days during the last week! They allowed me to pull off some of the larger miles that I previously mentioned because I was able to sleep in a hotel for about 3 nights. I also was able to slackpack for 2 days which essentially allows me to only carry my water and food for the day without having to lug my sleeping and cooking gear, clothes, etc. It was a great experience, but still very tiring!

I apparently seem to get pretty sweaty out here too...

I am SO thankful that I got to see them and I want to publically thank them for their support and encouragement! It would be impossible for me to do something like this without having their support.

With Austin Sisk.jpg

I am also thankful that Austin Sisk has joined me for a week of my journey! He and I left out on Wednesday and hiked a half day to a campsite called Race Brook Falls Trail/Campsite. There were a few other hikers there, but Austin and I squeezed into my 2 person tent and stashed our gear under the vestibules because as soon as we set up, here came the rain! Thankfully we did not get soaked.

Unfortunately for Austin, his water bladder for his pack got a small puncture hole in it and now it leaks. He has gotten a new bladder overnighted to him here in CT and we are waiting for the package now (this is why I have the opportunity to blog!). He has had a couple small slips, but has been doing great on the trail. Yesterday morning, Austin earned his trail name after mistakingly squeezing Anti-fungal cream on his tooth brush instead of toothpaste! HAH! As we were walking away from the campsite he says, "man, I am having all kinds of issues." Thus, Austin is now known as "Issue" on the trail.

Oh, an update on my "Sexy Thru-Hiker of 2011" Calendar. This is a potential shot from Massachusetts...

Yesterday we got a nice view on Bear Mountain where there is a rock observation tower. There were some pretty steep rocky sections yesterday, but it was generally pretty pleasant walking.

We came down into Salisbury CT and got picked up by my friend Caleb Fraser who graduated from RGNS in 2000!)(It has been over a decade since we saw each other last!) He brought us to his parents house and we have enjoyed a fantastic meal, great hospitality, showers, soft beds and a wonderful home! It has been a great resting spot. Thank you so much to the Frasers for letting us stay here!

As I conclude this blog, I would like to leave you with an updated (nasty) beard shot (also with the glasses that I found on a branch on the trail).


I love you all and miss you!
Josh Seehorn
Amplexus "Lexus" SOBO 2011

P.S. - Thank you to Brittani Stanga for the gift box that she sent me in Great Barrington MA! You are awesome!

If you are interested, the next most convenient place to send letters, post cards, donations etc would be to the Post Office in Delaware Water Gap, PA.
Address it as follows:

Josh Seehorn
C/O General Delivery
Delaware Water Gap, PA 18327
Please Hold for AT Hiker
ETA 9/14/2011

Send anything as early as possible because this is a very rough estimate. I actually am guessing later, so that they will not worry about me at the PO. I will likely get there before this, but this is a 200 mile heads up! Thanks everyone!

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Wednesday (7/27) - Manchester Center, Vermont

Dear readers,

Thank you for bearing with my temporary hiatus from posting! I have experienced so much over the past week +. I will highlight certain things that stick out in my mind.

The hiking has been great! I have been increasing my daily mileage as the terrain has gotten more moderate. I've done an 18.9, 20.4, 21.0, and 22.9 amongst other lesser days! Thankfully my body can endure walking for 10+ hours during the day.

I have seen a reasonable amount of less charismatic wildlife, but I did get to see a moose on the trail! I got a short video of it as well. I also caught a toad that was literally the size of my hand!

The Green Mountains in Vermont have been very nice. I assume they have this name from the dense green understory that is about 3 feet tall that covers the landscape under an already dense overstory. The mountains have been gradual as of late, but have proven challenging in that it takes twice as long to summit because you are not walking steeply and directly over the peaks! It seems to take forever at a less severe incline, but it is nice.

I arrived in Manchester Center on Sunday and spent the day doing laundry, shopping, eating at McDonalds (multiple times), eating ice cream about 3 times a day, and generally relaxing.

I camped in town down a hill across from the Rite Aid with a few other hikers from TN and it was nice not to have to immediately walk back out to the trail. I met these hikers whilst sitting in a borrowed lawn chair, on a side walk next to the main road in town, with my phone plugged into an outlet on the side of a building all the while sporting my "mountain killers" (ska my red shorts). Apparently I looked like a fellow hiker! Hah

Luckily for me, I was surprised and blessed to find out that my new friend Alicia from Hanover was willing to drive to Manchester Center to meet me and hang out again for a little while! I honestly was ready for a little time off the trail. It helps not to burn yourself out and gives you an appreciation for the long walks. Some hikers make the trip all about hiking, others enjoy the hiking but also choose to enjoy the supplemental experiences and the people you meet on the journey. What a great break!

I am about to start walking again. I will be meeting my parents again in a few days, perhaps slack packing (day packing and coming out at night to be with my parents), then I will be hiking with Austin Sisk for a little while! Props to Austin for working something out with me! I'm going to wear him out! 25 miles a day for a week Austin! Haha

I have photos. I will be using my computer in a few days and will put several up!

A couple people have asked about my next locations for PO drops. You may send a light gift, cash or letter to:

Josh Seehorn
C/O General Delivery
Dalton, MA 01226
Please hold for AT thru hiker
ETA: 8/1/2011


Josh Seehorn
C/O General Delivery
Great Barrington, MA 01230
Please hold for AT thru hiker
ETA: 8/2/2011

I will be coming through by the ETA times so please give enough time for delivery in this short time window. Thank you so much! I will also put a few locations up that will be farther ahead in a few days, but it is too much to plan at the moment.

You may also send any contribution etc to my parents at:

268 Rothell Rd.
Toccoa, GA 30577

I appreciate the emails and Facebook messages I have received! I am fortunate to have so much encouragement!

I need to hit the trail now, but I will post again soon.

On to more adventure,
Amplexus "Lexus" SOBO 2011

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7/12 (Tuesday) - Lincoln, NH

What a great experience!

I've almost made it all the way through the Whites and have enjoyed almost ever moment of it! I say almost because I fell TWICE in one day! The first fall was the most epic. I fell about 10-12 feet down a giant rock slab on the trail. I thought to myself... "what fun is it always making good decisions... why not make a bad one?" so I decided to step where there was absolutely NO foothold and well, what do you know, I am barrel rolling into a cartwheel (with no hands) ultimately giving myself the most brutal dead leg on a rock and scraping up my hands a bit. Could have been worse. Wish I had a camera so you could have seen this stunt. Thankfully I did not mess up any of my gear.

... UNTIL my second fall! Which was WEAK! I literally slipped a little and sat down, only to look over and see my trekking pole cranked over a rock, literally broken on half! Thankfully REI is going to send me a new pair for free! Woot! Props to REI.

I enjoyed staying in the huts through the mountains. The huts are essentially a cabin like building that has bunk rooms and you pay an expensive amount of money to stay there. Thru-hikers essentially come up to the huts and ask to do a "work for stay" this means we work for about 30 minutes to and hour and get to sleep inside on the floor and eat the leftovers after meals. A great experience. The "croo" at each hut cooks, cleans and performs skits and educational programs for the guests. Some of the skits are quite funny. I stayed at the Madison, Lakes of the Clouds, Zealand and Galehead Huts.

I got into Madison after getting caught in a horrific lightening and wind storm. I ended up having to take a side trail around the summit of Madison (to prevent from freezing and dying), but left my pack at the hut the next morning and ran back over the summit to where I left off and then climbed back over the summit to pick up my pack at the hut to continue hiking. I am not a hardcore "purist" but I would like to have done the whole trail and not left a mile off!

I got an amazing sunset at Lakes of the Clouds Hut after going over Mount Washington on an excellent day! I was very fortunate! 6,288 feet to the top of Mt. Washington! The highest recorded wind speed was recorded up there at 231mph! It was only 40mph with gusts at 80mph when I was up there. I could only imagine that speed!

Hmmm, other things... Well I did a little extra mileage one day. I was going from the Zealand Hut to the Galehead Hut over about 6.9 miles. I left late and was taking my time. The blazes for the AT are ambiguous at times and somewhat unreliable through the Whites. I went wrong when I tried to go from memory and remembered seeing Guyot Shelter in between where I needed to go and where I started. If I had payed closer attention (mind you nothing like this had happened up to this point) I would have realized that the shelter was in fact .8 miles OFF the trail not actually in line with the trail. Therefore, when I saw the sign for the shelter I rolled that way, passed it (patting myself on the back for making good time) walked over Bond Mtn, then BondcliffMtn until it started to become time where I figured I would be at the Hut... Well, the couple that I met that had a map informed me that I was in fact on a blue blaze trail instead of a white, and that apparently I had walked OVER 3 MILES on a side trail!!! I was furious! I literally almost ran back over the mountains I had trudged over earlier frantically trying to make it to the hut in time to catch scraps from dinner. I wasn't even that frustrated about adding over 6 miles to my "easy" day, but was more upset at the fact that I might not get dinner! But, all is well because I made it in time for dinner! Hooray! I did about 13+ miles in a little less than 6 hours. Not bad considering how rough the terrain is, and that I seriously walked over at least 4 extra mountain tops. You know you have been hiking for a while when you can't tell the difference between walking over a couple "peaks" and walking over entire mountains... Good times!

I am compiling a master list of animals that I have seen and I hope to get the blog set up some way so you can see this growing list. It's been cool. Some new things I've seen have been the dark-eyed junco, common raven, White Admiral butterfly, and red-eyed vireo.

I have acquired some atrociously short shorts that shame my black running short (for those of you that are familiar with the sheer awesomeness of those shorts) and believe that I will be comfortably rocking these for quite some time in the heat on the trail. I am sure that some photo will probably leak out at some point, but please contain your enthusiasm and fan mail when they do.

I will be arriving in Hanover NH in approximately 4-5 days, so if you would like to send a letter or post card to the PO for me to read, please feel free to do so. I will post later stops in case anyone is interested in writing in the future. It is nice to hear about home and familiar things. The zip-code for Hanover, NH is 03755. You can address them to Josh Seehorn and say C/O General Delivery. Also please write "please hold for AT hiker" if you do! That goes for any future PO or address! Thanks to everyone who may take the time to write!

So on a more muscly note, my goal is to not let my arms become shrimpy and my legs be enormous, so I decided I would curl rocks as I walk! I didn't know what to do with my hands when my trekking pole broke, so I figured I would carry rock dumbbells! The best part is that I can just throw them down when I am tired of carrying them!

I wish I could write more, but alas, this post comes from my iPhone and my fingers are weary from typing! I apologize for the lack of photos, but it is not very easy with the phone. Suspense! Photos will come soon enough. Thanks for taking the time to read and keep up with my trip and I hope to write again soon!

Oh, listening to worship music and praising Jesus on a mountain top is a must do for any believer. Very powerful and wonderful!

Prayer and praise!
Amplexus "Lexus" SOBO '11

PS- welcome back to the US Rachel Bartlett! Unless something has changed, I believe you should have returned from your mission trip to Africa! I've been praying for you!

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7/3 (Sunday) Gorham New Hampshire (297.9)

Gorham New Hampshire!

I've made it out of Maine! I am trying to get more photos uploaded to link to the site, so I am slowly making things more interesting!

I spent the first night out of Andover at Baldpate Lean-to. This is where this epic photo was taken...


The next morning I was fed bacon by a few people who came into camp late, then I walked down to Grafton Notch and a man named "Shoulder Dave" gave me a root beer and some crackers! Then that night I was fed tortillas, rice, cheese and salsa! I had three meals of trail magic! I also met two section hikers in Grafton Notch and was shocked when I told them my name and one of the guys asks, "what does that mean?" and the other man replies, "Frog Sex!" hahah. Amplexus does not literally mean frog sex, but I did choose this name in order to have an awkward, funny, unique name and did not expect someone to know generally what it means! Hah. I then find out that he has a PhD and breeds geckos! Very funny. Probably the only person who would have any idea what Amplexus means...

I KNOW you want to see my bog video... After having walked through about 500 boreal bogs in the state of Maine, I decided to create a character named "Barry the Bog Man." I have a few short clips, but unfortunately I am having trouble uploading them here at the hostel. I will find a way to get the videos uploaded so you can see this awesomeness!

I may also be putting together a "Sexy Appalachian Trail Hikers of 2011" Calendar with each of the states covered. This is the first entry from Maine... (preorder at

The hiking has been great. I've seen a few more animals. I will be compiling a master list and hopefully some photos to let you see some of the things that I have been seeing. Saw a snowshoe hare, got some good video of a Ptarmigan attack, more snakes, tree frogs and some ravens.

If anyone has a suggestion or the ability to help me work on my webpage to create a more userfriendly format that would be great. I would like to set up a photos section, videos section, and text/blog section. If you know a cheap efficient way to organize the site, please let me know! You know my e-mail!

I've been having some great conversations lately! Jesus is undeniably powerful and using this stinky hiker! Praise God!

I am headed into the Whites tomorrow and will be there for the next week and a half or so. I will be coming back into Gorham briefly to get my NEW GEAR and a package from my parents, but I am not sure that I will be blogging. But who knows, I could blog at the top of one of the mountains in the Presidentials!

Please keep me in your prayers and feel free to send me an e-mail with any prayer requests that you have! Soon, I'll be 6,000 feet closer to God to deliver the prayers! Thanks for reading. Tell others to follow the blog! :-)

One state down,
Josh Seehorn
Amplexus "Lexus" SOBO '11

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(6/29) - Andover, Maine

Nearing the border of Maine finally!

Allow me to take you from Stratton, ME to Andover, ME! At the Stratton Motel I met a man named Sundowner. He just turned 64 years old and is from Charlotte, NC. Fantastic company! Foot-Z, Sundowner and I hiked from Stratton to Rangeley together. Just to show you how irrational my thoughts have been... on (6/23) we hiked 13.4 miles to Spaulding Mtn Lean-to. It was rainy, and windy most of the day. I got tired of wearing a cold wet t-shirt (that constantly kept me wet even when there was no rain) that I ended up taking it off and walking shirtless up the mountains. Personally it felt fine to me, but the 8 Penn State Med students that we met at the shelter thought I was crazy when I came walking up in the foggy nastiness as they shivered in jackets inside the shelter. Fun times! They gave me hot chocolate and fed me a pancake in the morning! Thank you if you are reading this! They even gave Sundowner a hit of whiskey! (Surprising that the college students had whiskey...)

The day we were coming into Rangeley, I found a bird on the side of Saddleback Jr. Mtn. It appeared to be bathing in a puddle on the trail, but as I approached, it didn't go anywhere. I ended up picking it up (apparently saving it from drowning) and carried it for a little while. It was drowsy and didn't appear to have much strength (it couldn't stand). So after a little while, I decided I would put it in a dry place (so that if it were to pass, at least it wouldn't drown!) It was very interesting to say the least.

1 church sign.jpg

When we got to Rangeley, we spent the night at the Rangelely Inn. An expensive, but nice place. The next morning I got to go to church! WOO HOO! I attended the Rangeley Free Baptist Church for Sunday school at 9:00 and the service at 10:00. I met the pastor Scott Wilson, Sue Damm (who offered her home for a weary hiker), Josh and Adrian (sp) Heatley, and Randy and Marianne (sp) Goodwin. In Sunday school we discussed angels, demons and Satan. I enjoyed the many scripture passages that supported our discussion. Pastor Scott's sermon focused on "Restoration." He read from John 21 and explained how Jesus revealed himself while some of the apostles were fishing. Jesus says, "If it is my will that he remain until I come, what is that to you? You follow me!" In the end, the story emphasizes that we should not get caught up or side-tracked by God's will for someone else, but should focus on our relationship to Him and his will for our lives. That definitely does not excuse us from ministering to people and spreading the gospel, but rather from losing focus on Him.

I like how John 21 concludes. In verse 25 it says, "Now there are also many other things that Jesus did. Were every one of them to be written, I suppose that the world itself could not contain the books that would be written." Friends, we only have a glimpse at the life and ministry of our Savior! I am thankful for the Bible! I could never read that many books!

After church, I was invited to lunch by Josh Heatley and ate burgers, corn, chips and ice cream at the home of Randy Goodwin and family. After lunch they took me to town and I watched Thor with Foot-Z and Sundowner at the Lakeside Theater.

We ate ate the Red Onion and I had some delicious snapper! After dinner, Randy picked me up and brought me back to the house for a warm shower and a very soft bed! It was AMAZING! Sue Damm was kind enough to take my other 2 hobo/hiker friends in and give them free lodging as well! We all got breakfast the next morning too! It was such a BLESSING! I sincerely thank God for these wonderful christian people who demonstrated Christ's love by caring for us and making us feel welcome. I feel like I have family in Maine now! Let me know when you visit Georgia!

Out of Rangeley Foot-Z and I did a 17.6 mile day to compensate for the zero that we took in Rangelely. The terrain wasn't too bad, but it definitely wore me out! The most exciting thing from the day was that I got attacked by a Ptarmigan! This mid-sized bird went bonkers because her chicks were right beside the trail. I got some pretty good footage of her attacking me and strutting around while they retreated. Very cool experience!

The next day I hiked 12.8 miles over several mountains and got in right before dark. It was a very tiresome day, but feels good to have endured it! I met two biologists on the trail from the Dept. of Conservation who were mapping sub-alpine tundra (if I remember correctly). We spoke for a little while and the man gave me a handful of strawberries and blueberries that were to die for! Delicious!

A note on my gear, I have drastically reduced the weight with my pack, but I am still considered "heavy" by most thru-hikers. I am trying to figure out what I can send home, but it may come with some gear exchange. Some of my gear is getting pretty worn out and I could definitely upgrade to some lighter alternatives. I will be making a couple purchases real soon (new air mattress pad, small tent) so if you would like to help with those purchases, please send a check to my parents at:

268 Rothell Rd.
Toccoa, GA 30577

:-) Thank you for reading this blog despite my not-so-subtle attempts to request support! If you would like to do a bake sale, sell handmade baskets, carve small wooden figurines of me with how you expect my beard to look, anything you would like to do to raise money would be appreciated!

I would rather have a tent on hand than this tarp. Might just be a mental thing...

I will be in NEW HAMPSHIRE by the time I blog next! My next stop will be at the White Mountains Lodge and Hostel in Gorham, NH. Then I will be going through the undisputed, hardest section of the Appalachian Trail. The White Mountains. Please pray that I will have safe travels through this section and that I will not go broke in the extremely expensive huts. I will be trying to do what is called work-for-stay. Essentially, I will be trying to work off the price of sleeping on the floor for the night!

I will be coming into Gorham, NH on 7/2 or 7/3. In two days, I will be doing what they call the "hardest mile on the AT" called Mahoosuc Notch. This mile is essentially a large jumbled pile of boulders. I am sure you will be hearing more about this once I reach the next town!

The format is not great, but hopefully the pictures and video work! Hah. Enjoy the upgrade! I will post again soon! I leave you with one of the daily photos from my impending beard growth montage...

I ate a double cheeseburger, a meat-lovers pizza and a banana split with 3 scoops of ice cream for dinner. Good times in Andover!

Going strong,
Amplexus "Lexus" SOBO '11

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6/22 (Wednesday) - Stratton, Maine

It has been a great few days since I left Caratunk, ME. My friend Foot-Z and I took the canoe ferry across the Kennebec River and had a good nights rest in a lean-to. It was AMAZING hearing the loons echo across the lake we were nearby! The best word to describe the sounds would have to be majestic.

The next morning we were harassed by a ruffed grouse who obviously was protecting little ones somewhere. It came charging down the hill as if it were the size of an ostrich, hissing and flapping it's wings, then darted off the trail to try to make us follow it. Very interesting interaction!

Last night we stayed at Safford campsite and enjoyed some great weather! There were 3 girls that were hiking who ended up staying at the campsite too, so it was nice to have conversation with people who have been more connected to society! We also had some great cell service in there and I posted a picture on facebook of where/how I slept last night (6/21). Good times!

I am writing from a place called the Stratton Motel. It's a nice place. We actually have t.v. in our room! WHOA! I haven't watched a t.v. in 3 weeks! Warm shower, nice bed, general store, pizza, ice cream, cell service, internet. What a wonderful combination.

I will be headed out for only a few days to try to make it into Rangeley by 6/25. I hear there is a movie theater there! Monster Metropolis of Rangeley here I come! YES!

I am officially under 2,000 miles left in my trip. I have traveled 187.9 miles of my 2,181 mile journey. Brings a smile to my face, but I know there is much more terrain ahead. I am looking forward to the rest of the trip despite how long it seems it will take. It is nice to get an e-mail or facebook message of encouragement, so thanks to everyone who has done so! I will probably be running the last 300 miles once I get farther south!

I believe it is suppose to rain solid for the next 3 days, so wish me luck doing these mountains in the wet. They are twice as difficult for sure. But it keeps a dirty, smelly hiker that much cleaner!

Alas, my love handles are gone!,
Amplexus "Lexus" SOBO '11

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6/19 (Sunday) - Caratunk, Maine

A quick post before I go to sleep.

I am sitting in a place called Northern Outdoors in The Forks, ME. It is a nice facility and I have been able to bunk with several hikers to save costs. There is a hot tub here, but I did not make use of the amenity. I have enjoyed 2 dinners and will enjoy my second HEALTHY breakfast here tomorrow morning before I head out. There is absolutely no cell service here in "town" but there is WiFi and I am actually typing on a borrowed computer from a hiker that has decided to call it quits on his thru-hike.

Over the last few days, these are some of the things I have seen and experienced. I saw a dead moose carcass, 11 snakes in one 6 hour period, got rained on twice, 2 great views, and a 15 mile day into Caratunk where I got my first legitimate hitch.

I received 2 great boxes of food from my parents, but have decided to mail part of the food ahead of me to a stop a few days down the trail so that I am not carrying such an enormous amount of weight. At some point I will figure out the best way to mail and coordinate food.

I've met several interesting people. I met 2 NOBO (North Bound) hikers here at Northern Outdoors. Their names are Chainsaw and Victus. Both are rocking some pretty stout beards. I am hoping to have a similar one when I return. I am taking a daily photograph so you can see the progression in the end. It should be fairly entertaining.

I'll refrain from dropping to many names in this post, but I figured that I would note that the trail and trail people are both CRAZY. As I write this post, one member of our SOBO crew is fornicating with 2 somewhat healthy ladies in another room after having smoked weed and drank himself silly... well my definition of silly. Perhaps he disagrees. When asked to join the "party" it was easy for the other 3 in our room to decline since we have been trying to go to bed for over an hour. Different lifestyles out here for sure. No one is the same.

Alas, I will give you my anticipated destinations in case you felt like charting my course on a map. The sequence for the next few towns I will go through are Stratton ME, Andover ME, and Gorham NH. I anticipate being in New Hampshire on 7/2, 7/3 weekend. Wish me luck!

Oh, I almost forgot. I caught a fish with my hands. I took a short video where I reference Bear Grylls, so perhaps I can figure out how to start loading those online soon enough. Oh the excitement!

SOBO to Georgia,
Amplexus "Lexus"
cell: 706.490.4845
***remember that you are welcome to sell baked goods to raise money for this HOBO thru-hiker. Please let me know if you would like to send a gift or a letter for me to read! :-) ***

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Monson, Maine

6/15 (Wednesday) - Monson, Maine

Look! He finally posted! Friends, it has been a long 12 days since my last post. I will try to briefly summarize things in the following paragraphs. Please feel free to read a little now, then read some later when you have more time. Don't feel like you have to read everything at one time! Thank you so much for following and keeping up with my trip so far!

6/4 - Mt. Katahdin was awesome! I have a picture posted on facebook with the infamous sign at the top. All I could think about was how amazing God's creation is. 360 degree view for miles. Picked up a day pack at the ranger station and climbed to the top. My big pack weighed an enormous 72lbs (typical thru-hiker packs are between 25-40lbs) The black flies are horrendous. I was being eaten alive most nights.

Years ago, I hiked out an enormous 20lbs marble rock miles from within the woods on a family backpacking trip because I wanted to show my grandmother. Why? I have no idea. I thought it was cool and I wanted her to see it. On this day, I took pieces of that rock and put them under the sign on the summit of Mt. Katahdin. 5,268 feet closer to my grandmother. I love you Mickey Ewing!

I will sum up the next several days so as not to take you day by day through the wilderness with me.

BUGS. Lots and lots of BUGS. I wore a head net and had bug spray, but they were not very efficient. After walking all day and sweating, I would have to get in my sleeping bag at night (for bug relief) only to sweat all night and be bitten on my face! Whew! Talk about rough! Honestly, this was the biggest downside to the entire trip so far. I am not a complainer, I just figured I would go ahead and get the miserable stuff out of the way first! Now to the fun stuff!

These are the animals that I have seen so far: Red Squirrel, Chipmunk, Hairy Woodpecker, frogs & toads spp., several snakes (including one that had just eaten!), Ruffed Grouse, White-footed Mice, Belted Kingfisher, BALD EAGLE!, White-tailed Deer, a Ptarmigan, and a female Moose! Some of these I got great video and pictures of. I am sure they will surface at some point once I figure out how to get things online in an efficient manner.

I was not trying to set any records, but these were the mileages for the last several days: 5.2, 13.4, 11.5, 8.1, 10.1, 11.4, 11.7, 7.2, 9.9, 10.9, 15.0! I took a "zero" day in Monson today to recover! More on that to come...

The first several days I traveled through low-land boggy terrain. It was interesting. Had to walk several wooden walkways that were essentially trees split longways one after another. They would keep you out of the muck most of the time. Later into the days, I began climbing several mountains. I was very thankful for that because it got significantly colder, bugs diminished and I was able to sleep comfortably in my sleeping bag! I slept in a "Lean-to" every night so far. These are essentially (room-size) log cabins with one wall missing. They sleep 6-8 people. My goal is to try to sleep in lean-tos as often as possible.

If you noticed my last post on facebook, you will see that I weighed myself in Millinocket ME and weighed 225lbs. After lugging 72lbs on my back and eating a fraction of what normal people eat, I weighed myself in Monson ME 114.4 miles later and now officially weigh 200lbs even. WOW. Serious weight loss! Send food or money for food to 268 Rothell Rd, Toccoa, GA 30577 so I don't come back a stick figure!

These are the people I have met over the last several days. Several nights I slept alone in the shelters, but other times I was accompanied by one or several people. These are their trail names (or real ones if they had no TN): CJ & Barb, Walkabout, Ron, Vitalie& Steven from Muldova and Pakistan respectively, Mancub (NOBO) (did the AT in 3 months!, Dr. Bundy (NOBO), White Fang (NOBO), Scoop, Shane, Fire Marshall, Deal &Steadee, Dogbreath (NOBO section hiker), Overload, Footsie and Greenthumb. I've spent the last 3 days with Fire Marshall and took the zero day with him. It has been much fun and we have completely been bums at the Lake Shore House in Monson ME.

To speak of the Lake Shore House. Rebekah, who owns the place, is probably one of the nicest ladies I have ever met before! Greeted us very warmly and catered to our every need! She cooks an amazing assortment of food and runs a great establishment. I highly recommend it. The facility literally has a laundry mat, pub/restaurant, bunk rooms and a re-supply store all together. They even have a "loaner" laptop that allows hikers like me to stay up till 3:00am typing blogs that they should have done earlier in the day! She is a wonderful christian lady and we had several great conversations! It is very hard to leave this place!

So, the most hazardous thing that happened to me, (mom, skip to the next paragraph) was on 6/9 on my way to Cooper Brook Falls Lean-to. It downpoured about 30 minutes before I made it to the lean-to. The rain wasnt bothering me (I was enjoying being cleaned!), when all of a sudden I hear a loud "WHOOSH... BOOM" and I look back and a 15-20 inch diameter tree had fallen about 20 feet behind me across the trail! WHOA BUDDY! I stepped up my pace and arrived safely. On another note, the most random thing that I did... was burn about 5 pairs of extra underwear that were taking up space and weighing down my pack. Apparently it entertained some fellow Southbounders who were following my notes in the journals of the shelters.

I love my mom. See this paragraph is so much better isn't it? :-)

Other than some ridiculously intense blisters, aching backpains, a worn out knee (really worn out... like pray for my health seriously), and about 317 bugbites (no I didn't actually count), the trip has been wonderful. God has revealed many things to me and given me the opportunity to feel independent and less distracted. Hopefully I can offset some of these physical obstacles and be able to spend more time focusing on my journey and on giving Him my heart.

There are MANY more things that I could tell you about, but I can only write so much today. Please keep checking in and I hope to be posting a little more often since I will not be so far inbetween towns. If you would like to send a letter, cash or small (something), please feel free to send me an e-mail or call me via my information below. I may try to post my intended itinerary on here, but if you e-mail me I can certainly give you details that way.

Only 2066.6 miles left to go,
Amplexus "Lexus" SOBO (South Bound) 2011

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Portland Maine

6/3 (Friday) - Portland, Maine

Allow me to recap the last few days... and blow your mind with how crazy things have been! (I'm not joking, if this bores you, then someone needs to make a movie about you!)

Flew into town by 5:30. Met a kind lady (Theresa) at the information desk who gave me a ton of helpful information from bus routes to hotel info to places to eat. She even gave me $5 for a beer because she was interested in my trip an she wanted to support me! A great welcome to Maine! Got shuttled to my hotel (the beautiful econolodge...) near the Maine Mall. From there I took the 5 bus into town. I walked around a little and decided to eat at a place called Simple Sandwich (which was very good! Mushroom and Swiss burger!). This is where things begin to get interesting...

I casually make conversation with a small group of people in the sandwich shop, walk outside and sit down on a curb to figure out my next step. A guy (Justin) who was sitting in the shop walks out shortly after and stops to ask me a quick question... "are you a pickup artist?" ... "Huh? Say wha? No." I reply. We then have a convo about how he thinks it was cool how I could just walk up to random strangers and have such smooth conversation as if I knew them. (later I find out he is getting his masters degree in psychology, makes more sense). He offers to show me some places downtown and within 1 minute, we have met 2 girls who apparently heard him mention karaoke to me and demand we go karaoke with them... What the heck, why not?

After the worst round of karaoke I have ever heard in my life, we progress to a bar called The Big Easy. It's "rap night" (my favorite night), so we watch several people freestyle and rap (surprisingly better than I expected). Around 1:00am, the town closes down, so I offer for my new friends to come chill at my mansion. (my naivety surprises me). I assumed we would chill, talk, they might drink more, then they would split. Not the case. Allow me to break into another paragraph to emphasize the chaos that ensues.

I will censor this for a PG-13 audience... and for anyone who I respect, family and church friends, please don't think less of me for the awkward predicament I got myself into! Seriously! Sometimes you get in awkward situations when you take your faith to places that need that light. God clearly protected me and made me realize how desperate the world is for truth. (I was given the opportunity to discuss my faith and share that I was a Christian with Katie when I drove her home) hopefully my actions and restraint from that night showed her that Christ was far more important to me than anything that was presented to me that night... With that said, here is how the evening progressed.

Within 15 minutes from being in the hotel, one girl (Brittany) decides she wants to have (blank) and that she doesn't care who with. Wow. After trying to get frisky with me, (seeing that that ain't happening) she allows my new friend Justin to raunchily grope her while her friend talks on her cell phone like nothing is happening. Well, ole Brittany must have gotten bored because here she comes, tackles her friend (Katie) and demands that she let her (blank) her... Katie resists, nothing happens, then here she comes again. I'm sitting in a chair on the other side of the room. She begs me to get under the covers. (I clearly don't move from my chair and literally just act like she's not speaking English). She realizes nothing's going to happen. After several frantic looks to Justin, we decide we are going to take these ladies home. (it's around 3:00am) In an effort to clear my hotel, I drive Brittany's car and Justin drives his car in order to bring me back. We drop Katie off, then drop Brittany off, however Justin meets me at the door as I'm trying to walk out... Whaaa?

Well we go inside and she shows us the house, puts on a record (vinyl), and we're just chilling. Uh Oh, round 3. To my surprise something nasty starts happening on the couch literally 2 feet from me (as if I was not there), I'm actually asked to join in, where I clearly decline, then Justin decides he would take her to finally go to sleep. LIES. Awkward nasty lies! Not 2 minutes later they consummate their loving relationship while I sit downstairs patiently waiting for my ride to the safe, secure, peaceful Econolodge. Well, needless to say I didn't have to wait long, Justin came downstairs and we proceeded to drive back. The ride back was less awkward than expected, but how much more weird could it get? Finally, I arrive safely at my hotel, shower the filth off of me and go to sleep at 6:00am. (after creating a video log of my reaction to the evening.)

REALLY?!!! First 12 hours in Portland and I've already written the script for Hangover 3?! Never saw that coming.

Needless to say, I slept until 3:00pm yesterday. I went into town and bought a few more items of gear, ate dinner and repacked everything last night.

Today (6/3) I made my way to the Greyhound station in order to travel north to Bangor and Medway, only to find that the station was closed (because the lady quit that morning). The bus was still running, but he was late and couldn't guarantee that we would be able to make the connector bus in Bangor... So, I decided to step out on a limb and ride with 2 other disgruntled riders over to the Concord bus line in order to try to catch a bus and hopefully make the connector bus. It was a long shot, but more realistic than what the greyhound driver was offering.

Thankfully, God provided a WAY better option! The Concord bus did not indicate that it was going all the way to my final stop online, however when I went to ask about the trip, the lady said that the bus would get me there by the same time the Greyhound would have gotten me there (except I was leaving over an hour and a half later!!) It was also literally HALF the cost of the greyhound and about 10 times less sketchy. What a blessing!

That, my friends, is where I leave you. Sitting in seat 44 on the Concord bus headed to Bangor Maine. I will be sleeping at the AT Lodge tonight in Millinocket and will be shuttled to Mt Katahdin in the morning! Please pray for my pack to miraculously decrease from an enormous 70lbs to a more realistic weight. Also pray for my safety and comfort as I begin the trail! I love you all and thanks for reading! Send the link to someone you know and share my blog!

Until my next (hopefully shorter) post, whenever it may be,



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Backpacking the Appalachian Trail!




Soon, there will be a new format for this blog in order to accommodate photos and videos in addition to the text that I will be posting periodically over the next 6 months. Please keep up with my blog and feel free to tell others if you find it interesting!


Thanks for checking in and I hope to entertain you soon!





P.S. - I believe that I need to determine a "trail name" before I leave, since I am unsure of how many people I will be walking with. Feel free to throw out some suggestions and help me with my alias! If nothing suits, I will wait, but why not make this interactive!

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