A quick post before I go to sleep.

I am sitting in a place called Northern Outdoors in The Forks, ME. It is a nice facility and I have been able to bunk with several hikers to save costs. There is a hot tub here, but I did not make use of the amenity. I have enjoyed 2 dinners and will enjoy my second HEALTHY breakfast here tomorrow morning before I head out. There is absolutely no cell service here in "town" but there is WiFi and I am actually typing on a borrowed computer from a hiker that has decided to call it quits on his thru-hike.

Over the last few days, these are some of the things I have seen and experienced. I saw a dead moose carcass, 11 snakes in one 6 hour period, got rained on twice, 2 great views, and a 15 mile day into Caratunk where I got my first legitimate hitch.

I received 2 great boxes of food from my parents, but have decided to mail part of the food ahead of me to a stop a few days down the trail so that I am not carrying such an enormous amount of weight. At some point I will figure out the best way to mail and coordinate food.

I've met several interesting people. I met 2 NOBO (North Bound) hikers here at Northern Outdoors. Their names are Chainsaw and Victus. Both are rocking some pretty stout beards. I am hoping to have a similar one when I return. I am taking a daily photograph so you can see the progression in the end. It should be fairly entertaining.

I'll refrain from dropping to many names in this post, but I figured that I would note that the trail and trail people are both CRAZY. As I write this post, one member of our SOBO crew is fornicating with 2 somewhat healthy ladies in another room after having smoked weed and drank himself silly... well my definition of silly. Perhaps he disagrees. When asked to join the "party" it was easy for the other 3 in our room to decline since we have been trying to go to bed for over an hour. Different lifestyles out here for sure. No one is the same.

Alas, I will give you my anticipated destinations in case you felt like charting my course on a map. The sequence for the next few towns I will go through are Stratton ME, Andover ME, and Gorham NH. I anticipate being in New Hampshire on 7/2, 7/3 weekend. Wish me luck!

Oh, I almost forgot. I caught a fish with my hands. I took a short video where I reference Bear Grylls, so perhaps I can figure out how to start loading those online soon enough. Oh the excitement!

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Posted 20th June 2011 by Josh Seehorn