It has been a great few days since I left Caratunk, ME. My friend Foot-Z and I took the canoe ferry across the Kennebec River and had a good nights rest in a lean-to. It was AMAZING hearing the loons echo across the lake we were nearby! The best word to describe the sounds would have to be majestic.

The next morning we were harassed by a ruffed grouse who obviously was protecting little ones somewhere. It came charging down the hill as if it were the size of an ostrich, hissing and flapping it's wings, then darted off the trail to try to make us follow it. Very interesting interaction!

Last night we stayed at Safford campsite and enjoyed some great weather! There were 3 girls that were hiking who ended up staying at the campsite too, so it was nice to have conversation with people who have been more connected to society! We also had some great cell service in there and I posted a picture on facebook of where/how I slept last night (6/21). Good times!

I am writing from a place called the Stratton Motel. It's a nice place. We actually have t.v. in our room! WHOA! I haven't watched a t.v. in 3 weeks! Warm shower, nice bed, general store, pizza, ice cream, cell service, internet. What a wonderful combination.

I will be headed out for only a few days to try to make it into Rangeley by 6/25. I hear there is a movie theater there! Monster Metropolis of Rangeley here I come! YES!

I am officially under 2,000 miles left in my trip. I have traveled 187.9 miles of my 2,181 mile journey. Brings a smile to my face, but I know there is much more terrain ahead. I am looking forward to the rest of the trip despite how long it seems it will take. It is nice to get an e-mail or facebook message of encouragement, so thanks to everyone who has done so! I will probably be running the last 300 miles once I get farther south!

I believe it is suppose to rain solid for the next 3 days, so wish me luck doing these mountains in the wet. They are twice as difficult for sure. But it keeps a dirty, smelly hiker that much cleaner!

Alas, my love handles are gone!,
Amplexus "Lexus" SOBO '11

Posted 22nd June 2011 by Josh Seehorn