Gorham New Hampshire!

I've made it out of Maine! I am trying to get more photos uploaded to link to the site, so I am slowly making things more interesting!

I spent the first night out of Andover at Baldpate Lean-to. This is where this epic photo was taken...


The next morning I was fed bacon by a few people who came into camp late, then I walked down to Grafton Notch and a man named "Shoulder Dave" gave me a root beer and some crackers! Then that night I was fed tortillas, rice, cheese and salsa! I had three meals of trail magic! I also met two section hikers in Grafton Notch and was shocked when I told them my name and one of the guys asks, "what does that mean?" and the other man replies, "Frog Sex!" hahah. Amplexus does not literally mean frog sex, but I did choose this name in order to have an awkward, funny, unique name and did not expect someone to know generally what it means! Hah. I then find out that he has a PhD and breeds geckos! Very funny. Probably the only person who would have any idea what Amplexus means...

I KNOW you want to see my bog video... After having walked through about 500 boreal bogs in the state of Maine, I decided to create a character named "Barry the Bog Man." I have a few short clips, but unfortunately I am having trouble uploading them here at the hostel. I will find a way to get the videos uploaded so you can see this awesomeness!

I may also be putting together a "Sexy Appalachian Trail Hikers of 2011" Calendar with each of the states covered. This is the first entry from Maine... (preorder at joshseehorn@gmail.com)

The hiking has been great. I've seen a few more animals. I will be compiling a master list and hopefully some photos to let you see some of the things that I have been seeing. Saw a snowshoe hare, got some good video of a Ptarmigan attack, more snakes, tree frogs and some ravens.

If anyone has a suggestion or the ability to help me work on my webpage to create a more userfriendly format that would be great. I would like to set up a photos section, videos section, and text/blog section. If you know a cheap efficient way to organize the site, please let me know! You know my e-mail!

I've been having some great conversations lately! Jesus is undeniably powerful and using this stinky hiker! Praise God!

I am headed into the Whites tomorrow and will be there for the next week and a half or so. I will be coming back into Gorham briefly to get my NEW GEAR and a package from my parents, but I am not sure that I will be blogging. But who knows, I could blog at the top of one of the mountains in the Presidentials!

Please keep me in your prayers and feel free to send me an e-mail with any prayer requests that you have! Soon, I'll be 6,000 feet closer to God to deliver the prayers! Thanks for reading. Tell others to follow the blog! :-)

One state down,
Josh Seehorn
Amplexus "Lexus" SOBO '11

Posted 3rd July 2011 by Josh Seehorn