6/3 (Friday) - Portland, Maine

Allow me to recap the last few days... and blow your mind with how crazy things have been! (I'm not joking, if this bores you, then someone needs to make a movie about you!)

Flew into town by 5:30. Met a kind lady (Theresa) at the information desk who gave me a ton of helpful information from bus routes to hotel info to places to eat. She even gave me $5 for a beer because she was interested in my trip an she wanted to support me! A great welcome to Maine! Got shuttled to my hotel (the beautiful econolodge...) near the Maine Mall. From there I took the 5 bus into town. I walked around a little and decided to eat at a place called Simple Sandwich (which was very good! Mushroom and Swiss burger!). This is where things begin to get interesting...

I casually make conversation with a small group of people in the sandwich shop, walk outside and sit down on a curb to figure out my next step. A guy (Justin) who was sitting in the shop walks out shortly after and stops to ask me a quick question... "are you a pickup artist?" ... "Huh? Say wha? No." I reply. We then have a convo about how he thinks it was cool how I could just walk up to random strangers and have such smooth conversation as if I knew them. (later I find out he is getting his masters degree in psychology, makes more sense). He offers to show me some places downtown and within 1 minute, we have met 2 girls who apparently heard him mention karaoke to me and demand we go karaoke with them... What the heck, why not?

After the worst round of karaoke I have ever heard in my life, we progress to a bar called The Big Easy. It's "rap night" (my favorite night), so we watch several people freestyle and rap (surprisingly better than I expected). Around 1:00am, the town closes down, so I offer for my new friends to come chill at my mansion. (my naivety surprises me). I assumed we would chill, talk, they might drink more, then they would split. Not the case. Allow me to break into another paragraph to emphasize the chaos that ensues.

I will censor this for a PG-13 audience... and for anyone who I respect, family and church friends, please don't think less of me for the awkward predicament I got myself into! Seriously! Sometimes you get in awkward situations when you take your faith to places that need that light. God clearly protected me and made me realize how desperate the world is for truth. (I was given the opportunity to discuss my faith and share that I was a Christian with Katie when I drove her home) hopefully my actions and restraint from that night showed her that Christ was far more important to me than anything that was presented to me that night... With that said, here is how the evening progressed.

Within 15 minutes from being in the hotel, one girl (Brittany) decides she wants to have (blank) and that she doesn't care who with. Wow. After trying to get frisky with me, (seeing that that ain't happening) she allows my new friend Justin to raunchily grope her while her friend talks on her cell phone like nothing is happening. Well, ole Brittany must have gotten bored because here she comes, tackles her friend (Katie) and demands that she let her (blank) her... Katie resists, nothing happens, then here she comes again. I'm sitting in a chair on the other side of the room. She begs me to get under the covers. (I clearly don't move from my chair and literally just act like she's not speaking English). She realizes nothing's going to happen. After several frantic looks to Justin, we decide we are going to take these ladies home. (it's around 3:00am) In an effort to clear my hotel, I drive Brittany's car and Justin drives his car in order to bring me back. We drop Katie off, then drop Brittany off, however Justin meets me at the door as I'm trying to walk out... Whaaa?

Well we go inside and she shows us the house, puts on a record (vinyl), and we're just chilling. Uh Oh, round 3. To my surprise something nasty starts happening on the couch literally 2 feet from me (as if I was not there), I'm actually asked to join in, where I clearly decline, then Justin decides he would take her to finally go to sleep. LIES. Awkward nasty lies! Not 2 minutes later they consummate their loving relationship while I sit downstairs patiently waiting for my ride to the safe, secure, peaceful Econolodge. Well, needless to say I didn't have to wait long, Justin came downstairs and we proceeded to drive back. The ride back was less awkward than expected, but how much more weird could it get? Finally, I arrive safely at my hotel, shower the filth off of me and go to sleep at 6:00am. (after creating a video log of my reaction to the evening.)

REALLY?!!! First 12 hours in Portland and I've already written the script for Hangover 3?! Never saw that coming.

Needless to say, I slept until 3:00pm yesterday. I went into town and bought a few more items of gear, ate dinner and repacked everything last night.

Today (6/3) I made my way to the Greyhound station in order to travel north to Bangor and Medway, only to find that the station was closed (because the lady quit that morning). The bus was still running, but he was late and couldn't guarantee that we would be able to make the connector bus in Bangor... So, I decided to step out on a limb and ride with 2 other disgruntled riders over to the Concord bus line in order to try to catch a bus and hopefully make the connector bus. It was a long shot, but more realistic than what the greyhound driver was offering.

Thankfully, God provided a WAY better option! The Concord bus did not indicate that it was going all the way to my final stop online, however when I went to ask about the trip, the lady said that the bus would get me there by the same time the Greyhound would have gotten me there (except I was leaving over an hour and a half later!!) It was also literally HALF the cost of the greyhound and about 10 times less sketchy. What a blessing!

That, my friends, is where I leave you. Sitting in seat 44 on the Concord bus headed to Bangor Maine. I will be sleeping at the AT Lodge tonight in Millinocket and will be shuttled to Mt Katahdin in the morning! Please pray for my pack to miraculously decrease from an enormous 70lbs to a more realistic weight. Also pray for my safety and comfort as I begin the trail! I love you all and thanks for reading! Send the link to someone you know and share my blog!

Until my next (hopefully shorter) post, whenever it may be,




Posted 3rd June 2011 by Josh Seehorn