As I sit here and write this blog with some glasses that I found hainging in a tree on the trail, I think to myself...

Where did Massachusetts go?!

This is on Mt. Prospect in Mass.

It seems that I hiked fast enough to blaze through the state of Massachussetts before I could post again! These are the states and their respective mileages that I have completed so far as well as the current state that I am in.

ME - 281.4
NH - 161.0
VT - 149.8
MA - 90.4
CT - 51.4


I have crossed into Connecticut!

These are some of the new animals that I have seen on the trail (or in the ponds that I have swam/bathed in)! These are not my photos, but I figure I would give you a picture to reference these creatures with!


Belted Kingfisher

Eastern Towhee


I also saw some Mountain Laurel that reminded me of Georgia! It was nice to see some understory shrubs that remind me of home.

Since I posted last, these are my daily distances to get me where I am today: 10.7, 19.3, 14.4, 17.1, 20.6, 27.5, 22.3, 8.2, 11.0. I have covered some pleasant ground. The trail has taken me through fields with cows, corn fields, swamps, boardwalks, road walks and of course, very rocky mountains!

I have gotten a few great views recently. Mt. Greylock in Massachussets has a somewhat touristy, but very great monument at the summit that allows you to climb up to the top and look out 4 windows that direct you N, S, E, W. There are small plaques that describe what you are seeing on the horizon.

This next section is dedicated to my dear friend Josh Joslin. On 7/31, I was hiking with the PA Brothers (2 brothers from Pennsylvania, confusing I know), and we came into a town called Cheshire. As we were treating ourselves to some icecream, what do we see pull up? An attractive girl... belly button ring, cute, fit...


She went to town on that grass behind the ice cream shop! We didn't know what to do, so we just stared, awkwardly, until we finished our ice cream. What an interesting sight hahaha.

Shortly after we left, we were walking the paved road... and a girl trotted by on a horse... honestly, I started looking for the woman that was running the chainsaw. You could find a wife pretty easily that way.

I was blessed to have my parents stop by for a few days during the last week! They allowed me to pull off some of the larger miles that I previously mentioned because I was able to sleep in a hotel for about 3 nights. I also was able to slackpack for 2 days which essentially allows me to only carry my water and food for the day without having to lug my sleeping and cooking gear, clothes, etc. It was a great experience, but still very tiring!

I apparently seem to get pretty sweaty out here too...

I am SO thankful that I got to see them and I want to publically thank them for their support and encouragement! It would be impossible for me to do something like this without having their support.

With Austin Sisk.jpg

I am also thankful that Austin Sisk has joined me for a week of my journey! He and I left out on Wednesday and hiked a half day to a campsite called Race Brook Falls Trail/Campsite. There were a few other hikers there, but Austin and I squeezed into my 2 person tent and stashed our gear under the vestibules because as soon as we set up, here came the rain! Thankfully we did not get soaked.

Unfortunately for Austin, his water bladder for his pack got a small puncture hole in it and now it leaks. He has gotten a new bladder overnighted to him here in CT and we are waiting for the package now (this is why I have the opportunity to blog!). He has had a couple small slips, but has been doing great on the trail. Yesterday morning, Austin earned his trail name after mistakingly squeezing Anti-fungal cream on his tooth brush instead of toothpaste! HAH! As we were walking away from the campsite he says, "man, I am having all kinds of issues." Thus, Austin is now known as "Issue" on the trail.

Oh, an update on my "Sexy Thru-Hiker of 2011" Calendar. This is a potential shot from Massachusetts...

Yesterday we got a nice view on Bear Mountain where there is a rock observation tower. There were some pretty steep rocky sections yesterday, but it was generally pretty pleasant walking.

We came down into Salisbury CT and got picked up by my friend Caleb Fraser who graduated from RGNS in 2000!)(It has been over a decade since we saw each other last!) He brought us to his parents house and we have enjoyed a fantastic meal, great hospitality, showers, soft beds and a wonderful home! It has been a great resting spot. Thank you so much to the Frasers for letting us stay here!

As I conclude this blog, I would like to leave you with an updated (nasty) beard shot (also with the glasses that I found on a branch on the trail).


I love you all and miss you!
Josh Seehorn
Amplexus "Lexus" SOBO 2011

P.S. - Thank you to Brittani Stanga for the gift box that she sent me in Great Barrington MA! You are awesome!

If you are interested, the next most convenient place to send letters, post cards, donations etc would be to the Post Office in Delaware Water Gap, PA.
Address it as follows:

Josh Seehorn
C/O General Delivery
Delaware Water Gap, PA 18327
Please Hold for AT Hiker
ETA 9/14/2011

Send anything as early as possible because this is a very rough estimate. I actually am guessing later, so that they will not worry about me at the PO. I will likely get there before this, but this is a 200 mile heads up! Thanks everyone!

Posted 5th August 2011 by Josh Seehorn