Dear readers,

Thank you for bearing with my temporary hiatus from posting! I have experienced so much over the past week +. I will highlight certain things that stick out in my mind.

The hiking has been great! I have been increasing my daily mileage as the terrain has gotten more moderate. I've done an 18.9, 20.4, 21.0, and 22.9 amongst other lesser days! Thankfully my body can endure walking for 10+ hours during the day.

I have seen a reasonable amount of less charismatic wildlife, but I did get to see a moose on the trail! I got a short video of it as well. I also caught a toad that was literally the size of my hand!

The Green Mountains in Vermont have been very nice. I assume they have this name from the dense green understory that is about 3 feet tall that covers the landscape under an already dense overstory. The mountains have been gradual as of late, but have proven challenging in that it takes twice as long to summit because you are not walking steeply and directly over the peaks! It seems to take forever at a less severe incline, but it is nice.

I arrived in Manchester Center on Sunday and spent the day doing laundry, shopping, eating at McDonalds (multiple times), eating ice cream about 3 times a day, and generally relaxing.

I camped in town down a hill across from the Rite Aid with a few other hikers from TN and it was nice not to have to immediately walk back out to the trail. I met these hikers whilst sitting in a borrowed lawn chair, on a side walk next to the main road in town, with my phone plugged into an outlet on the side of a building all the while sporting my "mountain killers" (ska my red shorts). Apparently I looked like a fellow hiker! Hah

Luckily for me, I was surprised and blessed to find out that my new friend Alicia from Hanover was willing to drive to Manchester Center to meet me and hang out again for a little while! I honestly was ready for a little time off the trail. It helps not to burn yourself out and gives you an appreciation for the long walks. Some hikers make the trip all about hiking, others enjoy the hiking but also choose to enjoy the supplemental experiences and the people you meet on the journey. What a great break!

I am about to start walking again. I will be meeting my parents again in a few days, perhaps slack packing (day packing and coming out at night to be with my parents), then I will be hiking with Austin Sisk for a little while! Props to Austin for working something out with me! I'm going to wear him out! 25 miles a day for a week Austin! Haha

I have photos. I will be using my computer in a few days and will put several up!

A couple people have asked about my next locations for PO drops. You may send a light gift, cash or letter to:

Josh Seehorn
C/O General Delivery
Dalton, MA 01226
Please hold for AT thru hiker
ETA: 8/1/2011


Josh Seehorn
C/O General Delivery
Great Barrington, MA 01230
Please hold for AT thru hiker
ETA: 8/2/2011

I will be coming through by the ETA times so please give enough time for delivery in this short time window. Thank you so much! I will also put a few locations up that will be farther ahead in a few days, but it is too much to plan at the moment.

You may also send any contribution etc to my parents at:

268 Rothell Rd.
Toccoa, GA 30577

I appreciate the emails and Facebook messages I have received! I am fortunate to have so much encouragement!

I need to hit the trail now, but I will post again soon.

On to more adventure,
Amplexus "Lexus" SOBO 2011

Posted 27th July 2011 by Josh Seehorn