In less than a week I should have my new website up and running! I just wanted to post the link to the YouTube video from when I reached the halfway point on the trail! Please feel free to share it.



Amplexus Halfway Video



Also, I will be running a MARATHON on February 12, 2012 in Jacksonville, Florida! I want the physical and mental challenge that this will bring and I also am grateful to be able to support a good cause for breast cancer research.


The marathon is called 26.2 with Donna and the URL is:


If you would like to help me cover my expenses, here are a couple areas where you could support me:


Entry Fee: $135.00

Gas: $135.00 (based on my vehicle's mpg and the distance)

Food: $40.00

Lodging: Unknown

Pain medication for when I get done: PRICELESS


Please feel free to send me an e-mail if you would like to work something out. I would be extremely thankful for your support. I have paid the $135 entry fee because I want to support this cause whether my expenses are offset or not, but if you want to run this race vicariously through me, a financial contribution is one way to do that in addition to giving me added confidence and encouragement to finish.


I plan to upload pictures to my website after the event is over, so please check back in to see how things go! Anyone is welcome to come down and cheer me on!


I have also downloaded the Nike+ GPS app on my iPhone and plan to listen to music while I run the marathon. Provided I will be able to run with my phone, anyone who is friends with me on facebook will be able to "like" my status once I begin my run. Every time someone "likes" the status, I will get a small cheer in my headset that will let me know people are encouraging me from all over facebookland!


Finally, I appreciate all of the positive feedback I have received from my halfway video and I am working diligently on preparing an entertaining DVD from my thru-hike, so please keep in touch and contact me once I have posted that I have finished the project!


I wonder how many bearded marathoners there are out there?


To God be the glory,


Posted 10th January 2012 by Josh Seehorn