I'm still trucking!


I apologize to everyone who has been trying to keep up with me, but I have been hiking pretty consistently and not taking many zero days (thus, no time to blog). I have finally taken a break and gotten the time to let everyone know that I am still on the trail and still growing my beard!


I will not be giving you a play-by-play of the last month, but I will inundate you with photos and a few stories since I am on my OWN computer and can easily upload things.


These have been my hiking days since we spoke last!

27.0, 31.9, 19.0, 14.5, 23.7, 18.6, 9.3, 15.5, 20.2, 26.0, 21.5, 10.3, 20.6, 19.2, 23.6, 18.4, 17.7, 20.0, 17.3, 15.5, 0, 18.8, 23.2, 0.


So here is what a typical "resupply" looks like for me!

and again...

These are some of the places that I have stayed...

The Wood's Hole Hostel in Pearisburg, VA

Wood's Hole.jpg

 A random shelter and how I normally set up...

Shelter Bed.jpg

 This is another shelter where it was freezing cold (right after it flurried a few days ago) so we put two tent flies up to block the wind.


These are some of the awesome things that I have seen along the way! The foliage has been great. I have not come across any new wildlife, but surely something new will pop up soon!






Red Oak



Here are some views from the trail and of some of the views I have gotten...


McAfee Knob

The Keffer Oak (2nd largest on the trail at 18' diameter and over 300 years old).

Standing at big tree.jpg

Shots from the trail...


The "fatman squeeze"

The "Guillotine" (for some reason this photo won't turn...) tilt your head to the right...


 The longest footbridge...

My friend Charlie Plush made a statement that got me thinking... He said "I expect to see more sasquatch sightings when you reach North Carolina."


So I have decided to dedicate a section of this blog to elucidating the differences between a thru-hiker and sasquatch for all of the residents of North Carolina.


 1. Notice the dumb expression on both of their faces

2. Notice the extremely hairy facial regions

3. Both live in the woods and eat an enormous amount of food

4. Sasquatch typically smells much cleaner

5. Both appear unnaturally tall at times (see Wednesday (9/23) post)


Please be aware that there are dirty smell thru-hikers lurking in the woods and do not confuse them with Sasquatch. If encountered, please don't be alarmed.


These are some of my thru-hiker friends

 Just the Tip, Witicism, Turdurkin, Many Waters, So Way, Avalanche and your beloved Amplexus


Well, I am headed back out to the trail. I am planning to be in Hot Springs, NC by next weekend. If you would like to send a care package, monetary support, or something witty, please feel free to do so.


** Special note to Austin Sisk... I love you, but if you don't send me that mustache wax that I have been looking forward to for TWO mail drops now, I am going to slap you with my beard.


Josh Seehorn

C/O General Delivery

Hot Springs, NC 28743

Please hold for AT Hiker

ETA: 10/31/2011


I am not sure when I will be blogging again, but I only have about 4-5 weeks left on the trail! Only 422.7 miles left as of this blog!!!!


I will be having a family member posting updates on my arrival at Springer Mountain for anyone who would be interested in coming to see me on my summit day!


Thank you for all of your support and I will post again as soon as possible!


So glad to have my cold weather gear now,


Amplexus "Lexus" SOBO 2011





Posted 23rd October 2011 by Josh Seehorn