Only two more weeks!

I came out of the woods on Friday night and stayed in the camper with my dad in Cherokee until this morning. As strange as this sounds, I am actually killing a little time before I return so that it would be a more convenient time for people to meet me at the end. I have a very moderate schedule to get me in by the 20th, and am looking forward to the next two weeks!

Not much has happened since I blogged last, but here's a little insight into my last few days.

I did a short day out of Hot Springs, NC and turned in somewhat early. The next day I went 23.0 and crossed over Max Patch. It was a nice little knoll, with a 360 view that reminded me of one of those photoshopped photos on an air matress box in Walmart with two people sitting on an air matress in front of the tent with an epic landscape in the background. It was a beautiful day when I crossed over.

Beautiful day.jpg

The next day I did 17.6 to Cosby Knob Shelter and found myself walking in the rain for the last couple hours. I was up at 4,791 ft elevation, so the rain turned to snow during the night and I spent my last day walking out in more snow! I did 23.3 to Newfound Gap where dad met me.

It is difficult to walk in slush and snow, but there are some pros to this kind of trekking. I got to see all types of wildlife tracks that I never knew would have been crossing before me.

I saw coyote, fox, wild turkey, deer, grouse, grey squirrel and mouse tracks! Here are a couple pictures.


Here are a couple photo's that I was not able to attach to my last blog post.

Meet some of my thru-hiking companions.

Pancho, Nachita, Sage and Meander

Hike Companions 2.jpg

Witicism, Avalanche, Amplexus and Meander

Witicism with a rusty saw blade in his mouth (that was found at the shelter...) (why not?)

Ayla! Who decided to push on from Hot Springs after nearly going home to the real world!

So Way in his "I'm cold and I also don't want to get shot by a hunter" gear. Also, note that he is carrying two wiffle ball bats and a newly acquired pink children's sleeping bag that has fairy wings on the small backpack. There is no rhyme or reason to what we carry at times.

We stayed at Bob Peoples' Hostel (Kincora) and I snagged a photo. They say that when Bob Peoples builds a switchback, an angel gets its wings. I've also heard that when Bob Peoples sleeps in a shelter the mice bring HIM food. Many people live by 5 simple letters... WWBPD. At least that is what I have heard of Bob Peoples.

This is what you look like when you reach a state that borders Georgia...


This is what it looks like when a grown man wears footie pajamas (because they are warm, dangit). (I made sure to leave my chest exposed for effect)

Trail humor is subtle and funny. I couldn't help but take a photo of probably one of the least photographed attractions on the trail. The privy.

The Nestle sticker reads. "making warm, chocolatey memories" Hah. Who is carrying that wrapper and the TAPE to put it on! I love it.

Well, dad and I at a huge dinner last night, a good breakfast this morning and now he has grilled up some hotdogs (that I fully intend to pack out with me). We are headed back to the trail! I may be able to blog once more, but consider this my last time blogging from the AT!

For those who missed the last blog, if you would like to be at the end when I finish, please meet at Amicalola Falls State Park on Sunday November 20th BEFORE 3:00pm, but maybe no earlier that 2:00, because I will be timing my decent from Springer to the visitor center. When you arrive, the best place to go would be the visitor center. If others are waiting in a different location, the center should be able to direct you where to go (i.e. a pavilion or the lodge lobby). You could also trying shouting "I'm here to greet Amplexus! Is anyone else?" and see who waves to you. Or, if you really want to be on the safe side, you could come with a t-shirt that has my face on it with the words "I love Amplexus" and people will know why you are there.

Also, real beards, fake beards or mustaches are encouraged.

Thank you to everyone who has kept up with my journey and I hope you have enjoyed my infrequent blog postings! I tried! I may sporadically blog in the future and will very likely be drastically changing the format of my website, so please feel free to keep up with me via Who knows. I might end up hiking the PCT or CDT before too long!

I look forward to seeing everyone soon. Time to hike!

Amplexus "Lexus" SOBO 2011

Posted 6th November 2011 by Josh Seehorn