Alas, another blog post!

Here has been my progress since Duncannon, PA. I walked 26.0, 11.6, 11.6, 13.6, 20.4, 18.1, 23.5, 19.9, 9.8 and 15.3. I have been able to get some better and more consistent mileage over the past several days, so that has been nice.

These are some of the animals I have seen!


American beaver

American black bear!

In case you were unaware...

I tried walking in my boots again, but my left ankle was annoying me, so I switched back into my sandals. They have rubbed new blisters on my feet, but what are a few more blisters, you know?! I have bumped my boots ahead of me in case I need them, but I had my lovely sister send my tennis shoes (so I can run now! hah)

I found some trail magic on my 26 mile day! I don't drink much of this stuff, but I wont turn it down!

On a more sad note... I was disappointed to find out that the Pine Grove Furnace General Store is recently only open on Friday-Sunday with limited hours! Which means, I was not even given the opportunity to try my luck with the "half-gallon challenge" in which, one attempts to eat a half gallon of ice cream. I absolutely could have done it, but it is not worth the pain if I can't get my name in the book and get a stupid little spoon from it! Oh well. GALLON CHALLENGE at 2181.0!! I'm kidding. That would be horrid.

Friends... you will be happy to hear that I have officially made it past the half way point!! I spent over 2 hours filming segments for my epic half way music video to Bon Jovi's "Living on a prayer." so please take a moment to enjoy the small guitar solo clip with my flying-V guitar with custom tree branch whammy bar... you can find the video on my facebook page. I am having trouble uploading the original.

After a couple fairly chilly days, my friend So Way and I made it to the PA-MD border and spent the night at the Lowe's Shelter...


Excellent lodging at an affordable price! Imagine, you could own one of these bad boys for only $899!

The next morning we crossed over the Mason-Dixon line into the SOUTH! In honor of this event, I am going to write the next paragraph in a southern drawl... (please read in your best voice)


Y'all ain't never seen me be so excited to cross over that line. I's figurin' there wern'tgonna be no sign, but dag-burn it, nare she was! Purty as the day is long! Y'all don't know what's a comin' once I get on down in Virginia. This calendar stuffs dun got outta hand! Here's sum photos thatchy might be seein' in my sexyhikerman calendar...





I got to see the first ever monument built to honor George Washington. The museum down the hill from the monument was cool too! There were several civil war era guns and items in there!

Washington Monument.jpg
Washington Monument 1.jpg

The hiking through Maryland and West Virginia was very nice and not challenging. Once we got into Harpers Ferry, I decided to treat myself to an ice cream since the store was conveniently 20 ft off the trail...

Josh Ice Cream.jpg

I made it into the Appalachian Trail Conservancy Headquarters and got my photo taken and officially became the 47th Southbounder this year! I believe I am about mid-pack.

Photo of Photo.jpg

After leaving the ATC, I walked 19.9 miles to Bears Den Hostel and it was a great place! I ate a pizza, 4 sodas, a pint of ice cream and 5 cookies! I got a shower and a nice bed all for $27.50+tax! I would recommend visiting the area and staying there sometime.

I am now in Virginia, about to start hiking in the Shenandoah National Park! I have less than 1,000 miles left in my trip! It goes by slow and fast!

1000 Weeping Joy.jpg

I want to thank Mysti and Adam Glogau for picking me up from Front Royal and taking me home to blog from their sweet computer setup! They have fed me and treated me well! I am very appreciative of their help!

If anyone would like to send a care package, letter, gift card, or mustache wax, please send it to:

Josh Seehorn
C/O General Delivery
Daleville, VA 24083
Please hold for AT hiker
ETA October 6, 2011

I am completely guessing as to when I will roll through there, so the sooner you can mail something, the safer. I have 249.6 miles to go as of this posting. Thank you so much if you send something!

Lastly, BEARD.


Josh Seehorn
Amplexus "Lexus" SOBO 2011

Posted 22nd September 2011 by Josh Seehorn