Big days and Zero days!

Today I will officially begin my trip into Pennsylvania! I have been taking a few days off before I trek across the rocks of PA that apparently every NOBO thru-hiker on the trail has complained about so far.

This is how I have travelled since I posted last.

4.9 , 17.0 , 6.6 , 12.4 , 19.6 , 24.4 , chill time!

I crossed into NJ on 8/16 and it was epic!

After my 17.0 mile day, I hitched into the town of Vernon where I stayed at St. Thomas Episcopal Church. They have a great hiker hostel located within their church with laundry facilities, shower, and pretty much anything a hiker could need! It was very relaxing.

While in Vernon, I ate at multiple fine dining establishments. For dinner, Burger King.For breakfast, Burger King. For lunch/dinner before I left town to hike... you guessed it. BURGER KING! Needless to say, I had it my way.

I also want to give a quick shout out to my new friend Nicole! Thanks for eating breakfast with me and for following my blog! Hooray for random encounters! hah

As I was walking around the Wallkill NWR I crossed paths with two women who looked vaguely familiar to me. I thought I knew who they were, but it wasn't until I reached the next shelter until I conformed who they were! CJ and Bard (now Mama Bear and Purple Blaze) were to women that I met in the Wilderness in Maine! I met them my first night in the wilderness and had not seen them since. Apparently they had gotten off the trail for a little while and were now headed NOBO! It was confusing, but cool to see someone I hadn't seen in 75 days.

The last two days of hiking were not very difficult, but were fairly long days! It appears that the terrain ahead will allow me to be a little more consistent in my hiking now. But I am definitely hiking my own hike!

I came off the trail for a few days with my friend "Storm" NOBO '09 and have been hanging out in Kenilwoth, NJ and down by the Jersey Shore! Thank you SO much for catering to this hiker trash and for being such a wonderful hostess and friend! Thank you Bonita for allowing me to be in your home as well!

I literally was the ONLY bearded man at the Jersey Shore.

I was also the only bearded man with tiny red shorts and a fanny pack. I would have never guessed.

Here are a couple random animals and things that I have seen recently...


Eastern Newt

Wolf Spider

Sulfer Shelf (Chicken Mushroom)

Snowy Egret

Painted Turtle

Northern Short-tailed Shrew

Wood Frog


I hope to be hanging out with Austin and Brittany in Philly in about 4 days, so perhaps I will get the time to update then too! Thank you all for reading and I will share again soon.



Josh Seehorn

Amplexus "Lexus" SOBO 2011


Posted 24th August 2011 by Josh Seehorn