I'm through the Shenandoah National Park! I am currently sitting in the library and only have 30 minutes to compose, proof and publish this blog! So bear with me...

I have enjoyed seeing new things and seeing some friends from my near and distant past since the last time I blogged. I was able to meet up with MystiGlogau (formerly Rockwell), Elizabeth Stevens and Lauren Wilson while I was in the SNP.

Thank you so much for meeting up with me and for treating me well! I appreciate the support I have received from each of you financially and emotionally!

While I was in the SNP I saw a total of 10 black bears, about 20 white-tailed deer (with one impressive 10 point buck) and a new species!

The Pileated Woodpecker

Despite multiple rainy days, I was able to make some pretty good mileage after spending a few "half" days meeting up with the aforementioned friends. This is what my pace was like since my last posting.

11.2, 10.5, 17.5, 34.8, 21.4, and 20.0! On my 34+ mile day I hiked for a total of 12:10 hours with 10:50 actual walking hours. Fun times!

It was an interesting experience in the SNP because there were constantly people walking on the trail. I also enjoyed stopping by the "waysides" which are essentially over-priced gas stations. I wont lie though, it was nice to be able to get a cold soda and a treat! I would do it again!

For most of my trip I was literally walking in a cloud. It was not technically raining all the time, but rather was dripping from simply being saturated within the cloud. My feet and clothing were not enjoying the constant state of WET.

Here is one view on one of the beautiful days that I got!

I am shooting to be in Daleville, VA by Tuesday at the earliest, but Wednesday at the latest, so please refer to my previous blog post if you would like to quickly mail something to me! I like surprises!

After my 20 miles day yesterday, I got into town around 7:15, took a much needed shower at the YMCA, then literally ran to the Chinese Buffet by about 8:20 in order to scarf down 2 full plates of food, 4 sodas and 2 cups of ice cream before they closed at 9:00! I had been hearing about this Chinese Buffet from all the NOBO's and was not about to miss my opportunity to eat there! It was delicious.

I will head out tomorrow morning in order to try to get about 27 miles in. I look forward to getting closer and closer to home and I am SO THANKFUL to be in the south again!

I have also officially reached 190lbs!


I have not weighed this much since high school! Just think, it only took 1,327 miles carrying a 35+ pound pack through 10+ states to get me to this point, I don't see why I didn't shed these pounds faster before?! Hah.

I look forward to blogging again soon!

Thanks for reading,
Josh Seehorn
Amplexus "Lexus" SOBO 2011

Posted 28th September 2011 by Josh Seehorn